How Much Should You Spend On A Baby Shower Gift?

I’ve never been one to enjoy parties – not when I was in college or even while I was still single. I don’t know if this is a sign of getting older, but somehow, I find baby showers utterly refreshing. There’s something lighter than the air when you go to one.

There's an almost palpable excitement in the atmosphere. And even if you’re not a parent yet, the happiness is contagious almost like you’re the soon-to-be mum!

So as a guest, it’s standard etiquette (and maybe, an unspoken responsibility) to bring something for the couple, the mother or the little one. Sometimes, it can be tough because you still have no idea about the baby’s gender.


How Much Should You Spend On A Baby Shower Gift

However, there are plenty of cute gender-neutral items you can choose. Hence, your next question has something to do with your budget – exactly how much to spend on a baby shower gift.

You wouldn’t want to be overly extravagant and going beyond your financial capacity, but at the same time, the last thing you’d want is for everyone to have adorable presents while you’re feeling out of place carrying a figurine.

There are other factors to consider too so don’t worry; I got you.

Things To Consider

  • Budget: Obviously, this one is a priority. When people say, “it’s the thought that counts,” it’s true. It’s my first rule in gift-giving: don’t get carried away and spend more than you can afford. It’s fine when you have limited finances.

    It’s just not practical to purchase a $100 present when you only have $50 in your wallet. Don’t go broke when buying gifts.

    At the end of the day, the family (especially the mum) will appreciate your presence and how thoughtful it was of you to bring something.
  • Necessity: If you’ve ruled out the first one and finally settled on how much you’re willing to spend, pick an item that the mother or baby can use.

    For example, onesies and frog suits are more useful than photo frames.Even socks, robes, and hand and foot rattle rank higher than headbands and turbans.

    I don’t know if it’s just because I’m a mother myself, but I always like to consider if it’s something I’d like to receive too. You know, you can always put yourself in their shoes.
  • Aesthetic factor: Yes, last but not the least, if you’ve managed to check out the first two factors, you can now go to this which is the most fun part.

    If you’re within your budget and you have picked out which item to buy, you can then look for what is cutest.

    I prefer owls over plain-colored stuff. There just something about colourful patterns that transform rooms and spaces most especially the baby’s bedroom.
How Much Should You Spend On A Baby Shower Gift

What You Can Give

Again, this is assuming there is a “gender reveal” during the event. It is common nowadays with parents slicing the cake and guests finding out if it’s blue or pink. I’ve also attended those which require you to place your “guess” by wearing a particular colour.

So here, I will list options you can browse.

  • Footwear or booties: Newborn babies cannot wear shoes yet, but there are those with soft soles to protect their feet and still feel comfortable. They aren’t too expensive and some even come in packs (3 pairs).

    If you don’t like the sparkly pink kind, there’s always the plain white one with stripes.
  • Keepsake baby book: This is something I love. It would also be ideal for would-be mums who like keeping track and jotting down everything – from ultrasound results to top 5 baby name picks. It’s simple, elegant and useful.

    And every time they use it; they’ll likely remember you. Isn’t that lovely?
  • Stroller or car seat or carrier: That is if you have enough money for it. It can be a little expensive, and you may not find anything less than $100. However, you’re 100% certain the family will be thankful for it.

    Well if somebody gave me this, I would’ve instantly made him/her a godparent!
How Much Should You Spend On A Baby Shower Gift

How Much You Should Spend On A Baby Shower Gift

Here’s the consensus and basically, it depends on your relationship with the parents.


1. Co-worker or acquaintance

$25 mostly because you are not even that close. Let’s face it; you probably don’t even know their spouse’s name or home address. And if that’s the case, the couple might not even care which gift came from who.

Also, you can still buy plenty of cute stuff with this budget.


2. Friends

$50. These are usually the people you regularly get-together. They could be your high school buddies, college roommates, next-door neighbour or those you constantly chat with during lunch breaks.

It is a pretty decent amount, and I guarantee you, you have numerous options. You can even find a baby monitor for less than 50 bucks!


3. Close friends, family or relatives

$100. Granted this won’t break the bank, you can splurge a little. Just make sure you’re not using the money you set aside for bills or rent. And with this amount, you have a wide array of options.

From play gym to bassinets, you can even buy two things and still have some extra.


4. Godchild

$150. Again, this is assuming you have enough money for this. If you’re a godparent, you can’t go cheap. But if you can’t afford it, the parents will likely understand.

For this, you can go for something a bit luxurious like a car seat which is an essential baby gear. And if there’s plenty of change, you can throw in some diapers.

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I had fun writing and researching. Shopping for gifts for any occasion is always a good stress-reliever.

That’s why they call it retail therapy! Yes, even if your purchases are not for you.I’d like to reiterate that despite the numbers I mentioned, always consider your budget first.

If you’re close friends with the parents but can’t afford a $100 present, there are other ways you can give a lovely gift without maxing out your credit card or spending your last cash.

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