The Best Baby Shower Gifts – The Practical Guide For 2019

Welcoming a new addition to a family is an exciting time. Friends and family (as well as parents) spend months collecting items that the little one will need. There is nothing more fun than selecting baby clothes and a layette for the nursery.

While the gifts for the baby are always appreciated, we would like to give you some suggestions for non-traditional gifts that are sure to go over in a big way. In this post, we will give you some tips on baby shower gifts that may not be on everyone's list.

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Diapers and Wipes

There simply is no better baby shower gift than diapers. Diapers are a big investment, and new parents are always in shock when they realize how many diapers they will need. If you want to give a gift that will be appreciated, go with diapers and baby wipes.

DEX Mommy Bear (Sound Machine)

The DEX Mommy bear is a soft teddy bear that mimics the sounds your child heard in the womb. If your baby is fussy, wrapping it tightly in a swaddling blanket and turning on the Mommy bear will calm it. The bear has volume control and automatic shut-off function.

Gift Cards

People usually buy newborn clothes for baby showers. Sometimes babies get so many newborn outfits that they cannot wear them all before they outgrow them. Here’s a different train of thought -  a baby store gift card. This allows the parents to buy the baby clothes as they grow and seasons change.

A Little Less Traditional

Give the Gift of Photography

Most professional photographers offer family plans. This allows parents to have professional photographs taken throughout the first year of the child's life. You can select who you want in the photos. You may want a generational photo, family photo, or a series of photos of the baby.

Mothers Day Out - Date Night

A much appreciated gift for new parents is the gift of childcare. It is a struggle to find free time once the baby has arrived to the family. Mothers may appreciate a weekly mother's day out session, or perhaps a weekly date night. Arrange for daycare or offer to babysit for them. This is a great gift.

Taking Care of Mommy

As a mom goes through the stages of recovery, she may find new challenges to overcome. For example, hormone levels are out of balance. She may have some pounds to lose, and she never has enough energy.

If you decide to gift something to the new mom on the baby shower, consider easy-to-store candies. Buy bulk candy to match the colors of your shower and layett. M&M’s, foiled wrapped kisses, jelly beans, and jolly ranchers make really cute treat bags. These treats can give mom a boost when she needs a little pick-me-up. They contain fewer calories, and they last a long time.

Gifts That Make Life Easier

A week’s worth of prepared meals so mom won’t have to cook - how about that?. Get together with your friends and cook crock pot easy meals. The meals go from freezer to crockpot, and then to the table. Add a salad, and you have an easy and healthy meal. This is a gift of time and taste.

Provide a weekly house cleaning service for the parents; they never have enough time. Arrange for someone to come by once a week to do the washing, mop the floors, or change the sheets. 

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If the parents already have children, the gift of free time will be appreciated the most. Take the older children to a day at the zoo, parks, or children’s museum. Parents with older children find themselves spread pretty thin. They are always looking for a way to utilize the free time they have while the newborn is napping. This is usually spent caring for or entertaining the older siblings. A day or two of being able to rest and recover between newborn naps is priceless.

Tips for the Parents to be

Set up a free Plumfund account and let your family and friends know what you would like to receive. Plumfund works like traditional registries. If you have a registry at an actual store, you can link them together.

This helps the baby shower attendees by taking the guesswork of gifting you out . You can list actual items, cash, or something like a weekend away from it all. Your friends and family will enjoy the convenience of this service. You can print your Plumfund address on your baby shower invitations. Technology makes giving and getting the perfect gifts seamless.


If you really want to provide a gift that makes a difference, use your imagination. Think beyond bibs and diapers and spend your money on things that will really be a remarkable gift to the family. These types of gifts are never forgotten and always appreciated.

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