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If you have an interesting idea to share with my readers, please feel free to contact me at nancy.hifivebaby(at)gmail.com.

I accept these following topics: Parenting, Family Travel, Child Development, Healthy Mom, Game, Gift & Toys, Baby Care, … or any ideas that are related to my blog.

Before submitting your guest post, please make sure it meets my general requirements:

  • Your post should be original, not copied from anywhere
  • At least 1000 words
  • Big, beautiful pictures along with the post
  • Friendly, conversational tone, engage the readers to dialogue
  • Creative, high quality content
  • If you write about lifestyle tips, you should write about your real experiences, share your own story about what your learned from your life
  • No grammar, spelling errors

If you are a company or brands, we do also accept sponsored posts. Please contact me for more info.

I can’t wait to hear from you!