What To Write In A Baby Shower Thank You Card

One of the most memorable occasions in your life as a mother is a baby. A baby shower is considered as one of the rights of passages that expectant mothers usually go through. It has both a practical and an emotional purpose.

Emotionally, it allows an expectant mother to bond with her close friends – usually females, although the shower isn’t strictly a women-only affair – and be able to get the moral support that she needs to go through the life-changing occurrence of childbirth.


On the practical side, the event entails a shower of gifts from the guests. These gifts range from something for the baby to something for the expectant mother, so as a result, the baby shower is a good way to be able to acquire at least the basic material necessities that you will need as a mother.

Baby shower gifts would range from the simplest – like a pacifier of a piece of baby clothing – to the most elaborate and expensive – like a top of the line pram or a high-tech crib – and now that your gifts have been pried open, the games have been executed, your journey that took you to the momentous milestone of pregnancy has been told, and the scrumptious meal has been enjoyed by your guests – it is your turn to show your appreciation to your well-wishers.

How Should You Do It?

To begin with, the least you can do if your friends throw you a baby shower is to send out thank you cards. But then, especially if writing is not really among your strong suits, you might be wondering: What should you write in a baby shower thank you card?

Although writing a generic baby shower thank you card is the easiest option that you have to show your gratitude for the time, effort, and resources that your close friends have shown you, it would not hurt to categorize the thank you cards that you would be sending out and personalizing them accordingly.

After all, you have to bear in mind that your thank you card should spell out sincerity, and writing just a generic one would defeat the purpose.

So, what are the things that you should consider when writing your thank you card? To make the task easy, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Who are the guests? It is important that you recollect who your guests are. If you have a guest register, the better.
  • What gifts have you received?
  • Who gave you which? It isn't only the presents that you should keep track of. You also need to be able to associate the gift to the giver.

Once you have all the three things I have mentioned above down pat, then you can start writing your thank you cards. What to write in a baby shower thank you card would depend on who the recipient is, and this is where the categorization of your guests comes in handy.

Categorizing your baby shower thank you cards into these four groups will definitely help you save time.

So, do not fret too much about what to write now because I have got you covered. Read on for some thoughtful ideas that you can use to guide you with writing your thank you cards.

Category 1: Baby Shower Thank You Cards For Family Or Relatives

The presence of immediate family and close relatives is one of the most common occurrences in baby showers. Writing a run of the mill formal thank you card will not be appropriate. So, you may want to consider the following wordings, instead:

Hi (name of relative),

I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me, through thick and thin. Thank you also for the (insert here the gift that he/she gave).

That was a really thoughtful gift, especially since (write here something that refers to the use of the gift you have received from him/her).

I am looking forward to having my baby also share the same kind of kinship with you, and thank you in advance for the guidance and the support.


(Your Name)

Category 1

Category 2: Baby Shower Thank You Cards For Your Close Friends

Your bosom buddies would, of course, have been present during your baby shower. More often than not, baby showers are usually initiated by your closest girl friend.

Writing a generic card will also be an awkward situation, and you can be the brunt of unwarranted chiding during your next get together with them, so it is also important that you make a separate set of thank you cards for them.

Below is an example:

Hi (name of close friend),

​I truly appreciate the fact that in almost all of the momentous occasions in my life – be it good or bad) – you are right beside me, catching my hand when I fall and smiling beside me when I am happy.

Now that I am about to have another milestone in my life, I am thanking you once again for being like a (sister/brother) to me and for accepting me despite all my flaws, and most especially, for always being there.

I love the (gift he/she gave you) that you gave me. Rest assured that I also will always be your friend, no matter what.


​(Your Name)

Category 2

Category 3: Baby Shower Thank You Cards For Your Long Distance Family And Friends

A sprinkling of your friends and relatives from far away may have graced your baby shower but most of them would have probably just couriered over their gifts since they cannot be present.

Either way, you also need to ensure you post a thank you card to sincerely show you appreciate the time, effort, and resources that they have given.

Sample card below:

Hi (name of long distance friend/relative),

​Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. I appreciate the lovely (gift sent by the recipient). I absolutely love it! I wish you could have been there, but I know that you are with me in spirit.

I uploaded photos from the shower in Facebook. Hope you can have a look, and I sure hope you can be there when my baby arrives! Do take care always.

​Lots of love,

​(Your Name)

Category 3

Category 4: Baby Shower Thank You Cards For Group Gifts

It is also a common occurrence wherein your friends and relatives decide to pool their resources for a more pricey gift. You need to make sure that each participant receives their thank you cards, so make sure that you also do not forget everyone involved.

You can send something like the thank you card below to each participant:

Hi (name of friend/relative),

I cannot thank you enough for the (gift item) from you and the gang last week! I really am truly lucky to have such an amazing group of friends. It means a lot, and for sure the (gift item) will be a huge help when your goddaughter arrives.


(Your Name)

Category 4

More tips to remember when writing your thank you card:

  • Handwritten cards can prove to be more intimate and personal.
  • Make sure you send them on time. A week or two from the date of the shower is okay. If you take a longer time to send them out, make sure to apologize.
  • Be specific if you are thanking your guest for a gift. Mention how much useful the gift is for you and your baby.
  • If you were given money, do not state the amount in the thank you card. Instead, just say what you are going to be using it for (like for your baby’s trust fund, a new crib, education, etc.)
  • Sending a token or a photo of your baby (if your baby has already been born upon sending the thank you card) is also a good option.

Whichever way you go about writing down your thank you card, you need to make sure that you personalize them.

After all, it isn’t only the thought that counts, but also, how you put your thought across.

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