Mom's Guide to Feeding Your Baby

Feeding is one of the most challenging things you experience as a mother. Sure, it sounds easy and a no-brainer from the get-go but that is until your baby doesn’t latch well on your breast or spits out the food you prepared.

But that’s not all. It can get overwhelming especially for first-time parents. Like for me, when it was time for my child to start with solids, I had a ton of questions.

What should I prepare first? Will carrots and sweet potato taste well together? What if he doesn’t like it? Will our old blender suffice for everyday use?Do I need to purchase a new food processor just for purees? Or should I just go for the “baby led weaning” method? What’s the best way to sterilise the bottles?

It’s a lot to take in, and with all the confusion, it might be too much. But don’t worry though because I’ve been there and I get where you’re coming from which is why this post is dedicated solely to the whole process of feeding - from nursing to giving solids.

You’ll find everything that you need to know whether it’s getting a complete understanding of the benefits of breastfeeding or preparing easy-to-make recipes or even finding the right gears and appliance that best fit your needs.

I get anxious easily, and it’s stuff like this which helps me calm down – when you find the right and complete answers to all your burning questions, and I know you have plenty of them.

Thus, I tried to be as comprehensive as I could and did my best to cover relevant topics.

The transition from milk to solid foods is a critical phase. It is the time your little one will explore and discover various textures, colours and tastes.

So don’t stress yourself out because it has to be fun and light-hearted. Remember, meal times should be happy and something to look forward to. It should not be stressful for the child and the family.


Nursing is beneficial to your health and of course, your baby’s. Find out what else you can do to make the most out of it.

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