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Baby Growth Spurts – All You Need to Know

When you have a baby for the first time, you will have seasoned parents from all walks of life giving you words of wisdom, and one phrase seems to be unanimous:

“Treasure every moment; they grow up so fast.”

It turns out there are few things that could be even more emphasizing and true.

It is amazing how quickly a child grows during the first two years of its life. By the time its second birthday rolls around, your baby will be roughly half of their adult height and 90% of their adult head size (1), thanks to a series of rapid growth spurts.

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The Best Baby Shower Gifts – The Practical Guide For 2019

Welcoming a new addition to a family is an exciting time. Friends and family (as well as parents) spend months collecting items that the little one will need. There is nothing more fun than selecting baby clothes and a layette for the nursery.

While the gifts for the baby are always appreciated, we would like to give you some suggestions for non-traditional gifts that are sure to go over in a big way. In this post, we will give you some tips on baby shower gifts that may not be on everyone's list.

woman with baby inside
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How To Deal With A Clingy Baby – A Mom’s Guide

Babies’ clingy phases can be tricky. As mothers, we do not mind being needed every now and then. We actually welcome the cuddles and snuggle time. But oftentimes, having a clingy baby makes things difficult, especially when we are unable to get necessary tasks done.

Often we wonder when this phase will end as we try to figure out what started it in the first place, walking the fine line between being over-attentive and absent. What can we do to help our babies learn independence and help them through this difficult stage?

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Stress And Anxiety Management Tips For Busy Moms

The life of a bustling mother is distressing. You are drained, feel like you are being pulled in an too many directions and your schedule is a mile long.

Between shopping for food, arranging and cooking dinners, getting the children to and from school, extra curricular activities, housework, your marriage, and your job also, you have zero time to unwind.

Trust me, I have been there.

As a busy mother of five kids I see that it is so vital to take care of yourself and set aside a few minutes to ease your anxiety. Here are a few things I learned en route.

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How To Conceive Twins: Natural And Alternative Methods

I’ve always wanted to have twin babies. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I wished so hard the doctor will find two little ones in my belly.

I thought it would be awesome to have someone grow up with you, help you reach various milestones or have someone to play along.

Most of my nieces and nephews (and even our neighbours’ children) were already starting kindergarten or in preschool so I was a bit worried that my kids wouldn’t have good company unless they attend daycare.

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