The Top 5 Best Double Strollers For Infant And Toddler

For growing families or couples with multiple kids on the way, a regular stroller is never enough. Whether you’re traveling or buying groceries, you need only the best double strollers for infant and toddler because let’s face it; you won’t be using it for just a few months.

You want something that will grow with your little ones.


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Types Of Double Strollers

There are lots of things to consider, and one of them is regarding what type you are looking for and of course, your personal preference and needs. Do you want something that saves space and something which you can store in your car’s trunk?

Do you prefer more stability especially when strolling on uneven terrain or off-roads?

1. Side-by-Side or Twin: This type has two seats beside each other hence its name. Equality is the name of the game as both kids get the same arm space, leg room and visibility. They can even reach out and talk to each other.

Both seats can fully recline should the kids need to sleep. Also, it has the option of attaching one infant car seat. It’s ideal for twins.

2. Tandem: Unlike the twin type, the seating positions are separated – one in front and another at the back. It’s narrower thus making it easier to pass through crowds and doorways.

However, the front seat cannot fully recline, and the occupant won’t be able to sleep or take a nap comfortably. It’s ideal for an infant and a toddler.

3. All-Terrain Double: You can't use all strollers for off-road strolling. The All-Terrain Double is suitable for parents who enjoy hiking, walking or jogging on rougher terrain. It has a lock option which you can use for various surface types.

Comparatively speaking, it’s more stable because the front wheel can be locked. Like the Twin, it can accommodate only one car seat.

4. Sit and Stand or Stand-On: There’s only one seat, and it’s in the front. The younger child can sit safely and comfortably in front while the older one can opt to stand at the back.

It’s perfect for toddlers who enjoy running or walking around but prefer to ride when they get exhausted. If there’s only one occupant, the back part of the stroller can be used as storage.

5. Double Umbrella: This is lightweight and ideal for travels because it doesn’t take up much space and it folds up easily. There are fewer features, though. And it cannot recline flat.

Therefore, it’s ideal for babies six months and up or those who can already sit up straight without support.

 Double Umbrella: This is lightweight and ideal for travels

6. Double Fixed Wheel Jogger: This is a follow-up to the All-Terrain Double and like the former, it’s for active families or parents who enjoy long walks or jogging while tagging along their little ones.

It has large bicycle wheels, rear or all-wheel suspension (which helps for a smoother ride even on uneven surfaces) and hand brakes. The fixed front wheel may make it more stable when jogging, but that makes it hard to maneuver or steer the stroller.

Safety Tips

1. Stay close. Especially because there are two kids (at the very least) so you shouldn't take supervision and monitoring for granted. Even if they’re both buckled up and sleeping, you should always be around them.

Just because the stroller is sturdy and well-built doesn’t mean it can keep your children safe the entire time they are there. Toddlers love testing limits, always keep that in mind.

2. Keep away from the kids when folding. Even if it’s easy to fold it up, you should not be within arm’s reach of your children because they can easily stick their fingers in the hinges and cause injury.

3. If jogging, double check the brakes and wheels. If there are any signs of wear and tear on the wheels, postpone jogging or taking long hikes with the kids. Also, don’t take chances and only use the stroller intended for this purpose.

4. Always use the harness. The belts are there for a reason – and it’s for the safety of the little ones. It will take mere seconds before something happens – one minute you’re just looking at them and the second you take your eyes off them, they’ll be reaching out or moving around.

Stay safe and buckle them up. Keep in mind that it’s twice the risk.

5. Use the storage basket for belongings. Diaper bags should be in the compartment if they fit. Don’t hang them to the side as they may cause the stroller to tip over.

If in some cases, the basket is not easily accessible, consider bringing a backpack which won’t hamper you from strolling with ease. I was never the rucksack type of person, but I find it way more convenient when bringing stuff as compared to carrying shoulder bags.

The Top 5 Best Double Strollers For Infant And Toddler

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

​Even though it’s a side-by-side type, it’s only 30” in width which allows it to fit through standard doors.

The removable bumper bar adds extra protection and also makes the ride more convenient for the kids. Its weight limit is 45 pounds per child.


  • Seats can fully recline, and footrests are adjustable
  • Has a large canopy for protection from the sun and harsh winds
  • Aside from a large basket, it has two cup holders and two zippered pockets
  • Large front and back wheels for better maneuverability
  • Can fit into the trunk of a small car
  • Easy to push, steer and navigate
  • The price is a steal
  • Lovely bright colors
  • High quality when compared to similar but more expensive strollers
  • Awesome customer service, fast response to complaints


  • Won’t stand on its own after folding
  • Canopy isn’t adjustable
  • Not so ideal for strolling on grass and gravel
  • May be difficult to lift in and out of the car especially for smaller moms
  • The one-hand folding may need some practice
  • The wheels may sometimes lock up
  • Cannot handle bumps in the road

2. Britax B-Agile Double Stroller - With Car Seat Receivers

Britax 2017 B-Agile Double Stroller

This lightweight double stroller can accommodate up to 50 pounds per child. It’s easy to fold, and car seats of the same brand can be fit in. It has a quick fold mechanism that allows you to close the gear in mere seconds.


  • Runs over surfaces smoothly
  • Looks sleek and sturdy
  • Versatile, easy to steer and maneuver
  • Canopy isn’t flimsy
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • Glides smoothly on grass, bricks and cobblestones
  • Easy to push around and turns on a dime
  • Absorbs bumps
  • Large, easily accessible storage basket that can accommodate diaper bags and blankets
  • Durable, good quality fabric
  • Just a few inches wider than tandem strollers thus making it easy to pass through doorways
  • Seat can fully recline
  • Smooth, comfortable ride for the kids; convenient pushing and strolling for the parents
  • Sizable enough to fit two children comfortably but small enough to pass through doors


  • May be fitted with car seat
  • Troublesome to push up a hill
  • No inner side pockets
  • Harness clip doesn’t feel durable enough
  • Won’t fit car seats from other brands
BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller

With a frame made from aluminum and three large wheels which offer superb maneuverability, this stroller is perfect for strolling on rough terrain or jogging with the little ones.

It can fit an infant car seat of the same brand or food tray. Its maximum weight limit is at 100 pounds for both kids.


  • The wheels can be removed to fit in the car
  • Lightweight, sturdy and durable
  • Pushing is easy and can even be done with one hand
  • Glides and rolls smoothly even when jogging on bumpy terrain
  • Comfortable seating for the kids with plenty of leg room
  • Solid harness ensures additional safety
  • Ideal for strolling in parks and zoo
  • Incredible suspension system
  • Absorbs shock from gravel roads and bumps


  • Quite bulky and mothers may need help lifting it in and out of the car
  • Storage compartment at the bottom isn’t that big
  • Not enough head room for taller toddlers
  • Folding takes a bit of work
  • Not ideal for shopping at the mall
  • May be difficult going through doorways
  • May not fit in smaller vehicles
  • It could be a bit expensive for some
Zoe XL2 Double Lightweight Twin Travel Umbrella Stroller System

This lightweight stroller weighs only 16 lbs. It features a quick, compact fold system that makes it easier to bring for travels. It also has sunshade canopies and magnetic peek-a-boo windows and can accommodate up to 50 lbs per seat.


  • Brightly colored shade makes it easier to spot in crowds
  • Can be easily maneuvered with one hand
  • Can fit through standard size doors
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Impressive suspension system
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Superb customer service
  • Well-built and stands on its own (but you have to lock all the wheels first) when folded
  • Includes plenty of accessories
  • Folding and unfolding can be a breeze
  • Sunshade is effective in protecting kids from the sun and wind


  • Not ideal when buying groceries because it might not fit through the check-out aisle
  • Safety buckles may jam and can also be hard to unlatch
  • Seat backs may not be comfortable for taller kids
  • Seats don’t fully recline
  • Harness seems flimsy
  • The cup and snack holders can easily snap off
  • The little pocket at the back can only accommodate small items like keys
Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

With a lightweight frame and multi-position reclining feature, this stroller is all about comfort and convenience. Despite being a side by side stroller, it can fit through most standard 30” doorways. However, it did not indicate its maximum weight limit.


  • Tight, nice and compact
  • Easy to store, fold and unfold
  • Wheels swerve without any problem, and the locks work perfectly
  • Can roll over small bumps without difficulty
  • Collapses with one hand
  • It may not be fancy, but it’s functional for its price.
  • Easy to steer
  • Sturdy materials and doesn’t feel cheap
  • Ideal for traveling since it’s easy to carry and use in airports
  • Handles have good grippers
  • Fastening and undoing buckles won’t take much effort


  • Handlebars may be a little low for tall people
  • Visor is way too small
  • Back may be too short for some toddlers
  • Never hang bags on the bars since it may cause the stroller to tip over.
  • Cup holder can be pretty useless
  • May not be suitable for use on gravel, grass or uneven terrain
  • Learning how to adjust straps may take time getting used to

Whatever Works For You

Like every other baby gear or product in the market, it’s important to identify your needs and priorities first. Do you prefer something lightweight that you can carry anywhere? Or would you opt for that which is sturdy even on rough roads?

I’d go for the BOB Stroller Strides Duallie Fitness Stroller because the pros easily outweigh the cons. They are downsides you’d naturally expect from double strollers. Nevertheless, it does its job, and it offers the greatest protection for your kids when strolling.

Did this article help you in any way? Which would you choose?

Share with us in the comments.

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