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10 Things on How Toys Affects Your Child’s Development

Choosing a toy for your child may seem an easy task. But, for those who knows how toys affect child development, they would be more meticulous in choosing one.

All of those thousands of toys along the toy alley affects your child’s growth differently.

For the fact that a child’s brain learns faster than an adult, and that during childhood is the time when most of our personalities are developed, that means whatever we expose our child too will greatly affect them.

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When Can Baby Sit In High Chair?

When can baby sit in a high chair? I know it’s a common question, but it would still baffle first-time parents.

I’m guilty of buying almost everything before giving birth, and I was convinced I needed to purchase them in advance – booster seats, play mats, and of course highchair.

To be fair, it was on sale. Ha!

Nevertheless, one of the important things I learned in motherhood is that you shouldn't rush everything whether it’s about enjoying way too advanced toys or using gears that babies are not yet ready to use.

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What’s The Best Age To Start Day Care?

A few months ago, someone told me to enroll my little boy, who was still 19 months old then, to preschool. Apparently, my friend's 24-month old son was already attending day care. I wasn’t sold on the idea because my husband and I were in complete agreement that maybe it was a bit too early.

But the thing is, when I asked some of my fellow moms as to the best age to start daycare, no one gave the same answer.

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