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15 Best Toys For 18-24 Month Old Toddler 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Playthings don’t have to be expensive as long as they’re appropriate for the age. Always look beyond what it is fun (although that’s also important) and try to think how your kid can benefit from it.

So here, I gathered the 15 best toys for 18-24 month old toddler, and I guarantee, it’s both educational and entertaining for your little one.

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10 Things on How Toys Affects Your Child’s Development

Choosing a toy for your child may seem an easy task. But, for those who knows how toys affect child development, they would be more meticulous in choosing one.

All of those thousands of toys along the toy alley affects your child’s growth differently.

For the fact that a child’s brain learns faster than an adult, and that during childhood is the time when most of our personalities are developed, that means whatever we expose our child too will greatly affect them.

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Best Robot Toys For Kids – Smart Toys For The Hi-Tech Generation

Robots have always been one of the most fascinating and fun toys to play with a kid. As a kid, I was always riveted by these fantastic high-tech contraptions. It’s like a preview of what humanity can achieve in the future, and that just fueled my curiosity of all things science. While my eldest daughter loves dinosaurs, my youngest son is all about robots. From robot superheroes to robot animals, it’s like he feels robot makes everything cooler. This is why I decided to make this list of the best robot toys for kids for 2017.

best robot toys

Robots are always a safe choice as a gift for toddlers, and they also help in fueling their inquisitive nature, among other things. As an educational toy, robots can deliver some unique learning experiences and values that other type of toys can’t deliver. Check out my list of the best robot toys below. Afterwards, I’ll be discussing how such toys can help in your child’s development during the early stages of his or her life.

So, come with me if you want to learn… Sorry, can’t resist making a Terminator pun:

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Flipazoo Reviews: Is This The Best Stuffed Animal For Your Child?

I’ve always been frugal where playthings are concerned. I’m not one to spend hundreds of dollars on something that my child will eventually grow out of or get bored easily. I understand if you’re hesitant on buying expensive toys.

So read on because this is not one of those Flipazoo reviews that will only tell you to buy them. Instead, we’ll look whether they’re worth the price.

Fair enough?

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