Top 13 Minute To Win It Games For Teens (#9 is Nearly Impossible)

There is a reason why minute to win it games are so popular. Not only are people playing them at parties, they are playing them just about every chance the get.

They are incredibly fun and often hilarious for both those playing and watching. Whenever I play these games with my family, there is never a dull moment.

Minute to win it games for teens are great ways to keep a party going in the most interesting of ways.

Check out the top 13 minute to win it games below and try them with all of your friends!


#1 A Bit Dicey

Difficulty Level - 3

Let’s start with an easier one, shall we? In this game, the object is to stack six dice on top of one another using a popsicle stick that you hold in your mouth as the base.

Not only do you have to stack the dice, you have to hold the tower in place for three seconds in order for the win to count.

Check out the video here to see how to do it

#2 Candy Elevator

Difficulty Level - 5

This one is tough. You have to get 3 pieces of candy from the ground to your mouth without touching it with your hands. Obviously, you want to make sure that you have a clean surface to work with.

Otherwise, that’s just gross. The only tools you can use is two pencils tied together to serve as the “elevator floor” and two long strings tied to each end of the pencil and then wrapped over your ears to serve as the “lift mechanism.”

Try to coax all 3 candies onto your elevator, bring them up to your mouth and eat them, all without touching them. You only have 60 seconds. Think you can do it?

#3 Noodling Around

Difficulty Level - 2

If you have any younger teens playing with you, this is a good one for them to try first so that they don’t get discouraged.

This one requires two types of pasta that you probably already have in your house.

Using a single piece of uncooked spaghetti placed in your mouth, you have to transfer 6 pieces of penne pasta from your table to the spaghetti noodle.

All six penne noodles have to be on the spaghetti noodle by the time the clock runs out.

#4 Speed Eraser

Difficulty Level - 3

If you’re any good at the water bottle flipping challenge that’s going around, you will probably find this one pretty easy.

Grab seven pencils and seven cups (preferably all identical in shape and size) and place them in a row. The object of this game is to bounce the pencils by their erasers off of a table and into the cups.

Some people will find this incredibly challenging while those with better hand eye coordination will be naturals at it.

#5 Separation Anxiety

Difficulty Level - 6

This one may not sound that hard, but it is incredibly difficult when you’re racing against the clock. Grab a standard pack of M&M’s and 5 cups.

Using only one hand, you have to separate the candies by color. Like I said, it doesn’t sound difficult, but we’re talking about an entire packet of M&M’s here.

Bonus: you get to eat them after you win.

#6 Paper Dragon

Difficulty Level - 4

Not only is this one a great game, it’s also a great workout. You will need lots of party streamers for this game.

With two rolls of party streamers placed on the floor and one end in each hand, you will rotate your arms around in circles in an attempt to unroll the roll of streamers completely.

Be sure to get pictures of this one since it doubles as a great party outfit.

#7 Hang Over

Difficulty Level - 3

Using six regular coat hangers, hang them one underneath the other to create a perfectly balanced chain.

If even one of the hangers is off by the tiniest bit, all of the hangers can become unbalanced in a matter of seconds.

#8 Junk In The Trunk

Difficulty Level - 3

If you’re looking for a hilarious game to shake things up--quite literally--then this is it! Place eight ping pongs balls inside of an empty tissue box.

Attach the box to the small of your back and attempt to shake each of the ping pong balls out before time runs out.

Get your grandmother to play this one with you. You will laugh so hard you cry.

#9 Suck It Up

Difficulty Level - 6

Only experience minute to win it players will even have a chance at winning this one.

For this, you will need 5 drinking straws. Set 4 of the straws upright on one end of the table.

On the other, you will have 4 identical pieces of candy. Using the fifth straw, you have to create suction by sucking the candies up with the straw, carrying them across the table, and balancing them on top of each of the four straws at the other end of the table.

Feeling confident? Use bendy straws for an extra challenge.

#10 By A Thread

Difficulty Level - 3

The sewers in your midst will be sure to take the prize on this one. Grab 10 sewing needles, each decreasing in size, and a piece of thread. Within 60 seconds, thread each of the needles in order from largest to smallest.

#11 Brush With Danger

Difficulty Level - 4

Have all of your friends pair up into teams for this one. You’ll need a toothbrush, dental floss, and a cylindrical object like a cardboard tube.

Set the tube upright on a table. You and your partner will stand on either side of the table, 13 feet apart. You will stretch 2 strings of dental floss between you.

Using only the dental floss, you and your partner must guide a toothbrush from one partner to the tube in the middle of the table.

It is difficult, but with teamwork, it can be done!

#12 Bite me

Difficulty Level - 3

Although it may not sound interesting, this one is incredibly funny to watch. Take five paper bags and cut them at different heights, each one shorter than the last.

Using only your teeth, you must transfer each bag from the floor to a table. Here’s the catch, though; nothing can touch the floor other than your feet.

Watching people flailing around in an attempt to balance is a fun show that everyone will enjoy.

#13 Baby Blockin’

Difficulty Level - 3

If you have a small brother or sister, you're likely to have some baby blocks on hand. Using five wooden baby blocks and a plate, stack the blocks on top of a plate that is teetering on your head.

If you don’t want things to get dangerous, opt for a plastic plate. Although it sounds easy enough, you may be surprised at just how difficult this game is.

These minute to win it games are perfect ways for group bonding and a bucket full of belly laughs.

Whether you use them as party games, family game night, or even in your off time at school, everyone will be so impressed with you're newly found ability to be the life of the party.

Practice these games in private to impress your friends with your stunning ability to preform these tricks.

How many of these minute to win it games do you think you could win?

Let us know below in the comments!

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