Best Umbrella Strollers For Travel 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Strollers are essential for both parents and children especially when you’re fond of bringing them outdoors. Although there are times when you can do without them, it’s also as important as car seats and cribs.

It should be on your to-buy list during your baby stuff shopping. It’s a necessary baby gear for those who enjoy traveling on a regular basis. It’s a good investment because if you choose a durable product, it can last up to two years or even more.

You’d also want it to be reliable enough to be brought anywhere. Therefore, you have to opt for nothing but the best umbrella stroller for travel.


Why Should You Choose This Type Of Stroller?

The answer is pretty simple. It’s lightweight and portable. While there are several types and designs available, you wouldn’t want something that’s bulky and takes up plenty of space.

Whether you’re traveling by land, sea or air; it folds up easily and thus doesn’t add weight to your baggage. There aren’t that much feature though which is why they’re typically cheaper than other kinds.

Why Should You Chose Umbrella Stroller For Travel

The design is simple but sturdy. It’s small and light enough to be slung over the shoulder or carried under the arm. But the major downside to this is, it’s not safe for newborns because it’s not properly equipped to support their head, neck, and back. Most umbrella strollers cannot fully recline.

Some have no cushion, and the fabric is thin compared to other strollers. The appropriate age for this type is about four months and up or when your baby can already sit up.

The 5 Best Strollers For Travel

Disney Umbrella Stroller With Canopy, My Hunny Stripes


  • Because it's easily foldable and compact, it would be splendid for those times when it’s just you and the baby and no one else can do the folding for you. You can even fold it with one hand.
  • With comfortable covered handles, you can grip it safely and therefore; you’ll find it easier to maneuver.
  • The three-point harness will ensure that your baby’s safe and secure.
  • At 8.2 pounds, this is easy to carry around.
  • The canopy will shield your little one from the sun which makes this ideal for outdoor trips like zoo or park.


  • However, its maximum weight limit is only at 40 pounds. Please don’t try to test this because it can compromise the child’s safety. It’s not as heavy-duty as other types of strollers.
  • Also, it’s a bit short. So if you’re tall, you might end up with a bit of a backache given that you have to hunch over a little bit when pushing it around.
  • The seat isn’t adjustable which may cause some discomfort to your sleeping baby.
  • It’s not very sturdy which is why it’s not ideal to use this on rough roads or those with a few bumps.

Chicco Echo Stroller, Coal


  • With four-position reclining seat and adjustable leg support, you are assured of maximum comfort especially if your baby prefers having the freedom to move.
  • It has a rear canopy panel to protect the child from the sun and can be zipped off for additional air flow if it gets humid.
  • It features a mesh storage basket for storage of small items like keys and mobile phone.
  • The Dual front wheels with suspension and locking swivels ensure extra safety precaution for the baby while making it easy to maneuver.
  • The five-point harness with padded shoulder straps keeps the child secured to the stroller comfortably.
  • It’s easy to assemble and also simple to recline which will be beneficial for sleeping children.
  • It’s convenient to carry.
  • Despite being lightweight, it’s durable and holds up even when walking on different types of terrain.


  • The basket cannot accommodate larger and heavier stuff like diaper bags.
2014 Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller, Chili Red


  • Unlike the first two choices, this stroller can hold up to 50 pounds. That's good news because you can still use it even if your baby has already grown.
  • The padded seat and flat reclines warrant comfort even while frequently changing seating positions.
  • The extra-large canopy with a visor extension keeps your tot protected from the sun. And it even has a peek-a-boo window!
  • It allows for one-hand folding and automatically locks when folded. Because it’s easy to open and close, it’s perfect for traveling by land or air.
  • The storage is basket is pretty huge – you can store your diaper bags, baby bottles or other essentials. And it even has a cup holder.
  • The front swivel wheel lock allows for leisurely strolls even on uneven surfaces. And the brake on the double wheels in the back can be operated with only one foot.
  • It’s easy to push and turn.


  • It can be a bit difficult to carry because the handle latch could unclip anytime.
Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller, Lime Green


  • The multi-position reclining feature lets your kids sit comfortably and safely while strolling.
  • It has soft shoulder pads and five-point harness to keep the children safe and secure and still provide maximum comfort.
  • It contains two large hanging bags for storage of baby essentials and also a parent cup holder.
  • The 360-degree shock-absorbing wheels will let the stroller hold up even through uneven ground and rough terrain, and it swivels easily too.
  • Comparing this to other double strollers, most are weighty and bulky. This one, however, can fit through doors and folds without difficulty too.
  • It's perfect for moms-on-the-go whether it’s traveling or simply going to the grocery because it’s easy to steer.
  • If you need to get in and out of the car quickly or even just going over small bumps, strolling will be a breeze.


  • The sun shades aren’t adequate for sun protection.
  • The maximum weight it can carry is up to 35 pounds only. Your child might outgrow this in a few months.
Chicco Liteway Plus Stroller, Snap Dragon


  • This umbrella stroller doubles as a car seat carrier. It’s for parents who like multiple functions in a baby gear.
  • It can be adjusted with one hand and reclined for maximum comfort. It also folds up easily and even has side handle for no-fuss carrying.
  • It can accommodate children up to 50 pounds but even so, it doesn’t take much space in your car trunk. You can also carry it with you when traveling by air since it doesn’t have much bulk.


  • The wheels don’t swivel smoothly and can sometimes jam. It refuses to pivot when you turn too sharply.
  • The storage basket is pretty small and is often useless because it’s not that easy to reach.
  • Although it’s advertised as ‘lightweight,’ it’s a bit heavy to carry as compared to the other products listed here.
  • The canopy is adjustable, but it’s a bit small. You can’t rely on it to shield your child from the sun. And the buttons need to be reattached whenever it comes loose.

Important Reminders

  1. Stick to your budget: I’d like to put an emphasis to this. Sometimes, in our desire to always go for the best for our babies, we end up going beyond our intended budget.

    Trust me; I was once in your shoes. I would rationalize by saying, “What’s a couple of hundreds when it’s for my little one?” However, that shouldn’t be the case. Remember, kids below two years old have plenty of needs.

    And the last thing you want is to compromise on other necessities just because you went overboard with one item.
  2. Test the stroller: If you can, do a quick test drive. Keep in mind; you’ll be ‘driving’ your baby. So try to look at various scenarios. What if you’re alone, can you handle it?

    What if you’re carrying other stuff like a diaper bag, your pouch, etc., is the stroller still easy to maneuver? What if you’re on uneven ground, is it still safe for your baby? If it’s foldable (which should be the case), can you do it one-handed and without anyone’s aid?
  3. Do away with useless features: To be honest, I got swayed with all the add-on features like built-in music or toys. Now, those cute little things add an extra number to the price tag.

    The rule here is, don’t go for it if you don’t need it. It may cost you another 50 bucks and for what, something that your baby may not even enjoy.

Safety Precautions

  1. Mind the weather: The steel will easily heat up especially during summer. Make sure not to allow your child to sit on it when it's too hot to avoid getting burns.
  2. Keep your baby away from the stroller when folding it: You should keep your distance when folding the stroller since your little one’s fingers can get caught in the hinges.
  3. Buckle the harness and belt: You should observe this whether you’re strolling on an a bumpy terrain or uneven ground. For the most part, kids especially toddlers, like to move around, and they could be prone to falls if there’s no harness.
  4. Don’t leave the kids unattended: Just because the stroller is safe, your baby is secured with a belt and harness; it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. You need to look out for your child and stay close at all times.
  5. Don’t hang your things on one side of the stroller: Some parents do this. They put grocery bags or shoulder bags on the side which can be dangerous. Remember, it can still topple the stroller along with your baby in it.

Which One Is The Best For Me?

Of course, it will boil down to your personal preferences. Some parents are okay with having the basic features and are willing to overlook the absence of some things (e.g. canopy). There are also those who are very meticulous and will not settle for anything less than the best even if it can be pricey.

Personally, of all the choices presented, I would go for the 2014 Grace Breaze Click Connect Stroller in Chili Red. I’m not so big on aesthetics, but I’m very keen when it comes to ensuring the safety of my little one. Extra-large canopy, padded seat, and handle locks won me over. Plus, you can use one foot for the brake which will always come in handy no matter where you’re strolling.

When choosing the best umbrella stroller for travel, make sure you don’t compromise the necessary things. Always know which ones to prioritize.

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