What Are the Best Diaper Bags for Twins in 2019?

If you're planning to buy a diaper bag for your twins, you have to check out this useful and helpful article.

In choosing the best diaper bag for twins, it doesn’t have to be overly bulky or tacky. If it’s your first time to buy, you’ll be surprised at the wide array of designs.

There are plenty of options. You wouldn’t even know it’s for carrying your baby’s essentials instead of a stylish purse.

It isn’t your ordinary shopping, by the way. If you’re a mum of multiples, you have to carry at least twice of everything – from diapers to bottles, clothes and drool pads.

So, why do you need a diaper to be exact? Why can’t you just stuff it inside a big backpack? And what should you look for before buying?


Skip Hop Duo Signature Bag with Portable Changing Mat

This bag has four interior pockets and seven exterior ones. Aside from the zip closure inside the main compartment, it also has grab handles, shuttle clips and an adjustable shoulder strap with slip-on pad.

The mesh side pockets can hold standard size bottles or sippy cups. You can convert it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag.


  • Can fit into most double strollers
  • Durable and sturdy shuttle clips which you can attach to the stroller
  • Has plenty of space because of the pockets and it keeps everything organised too
  • Pockets are easy to access, you can store your phones and still keep them secured because of the strong magnets
  • Package includes a changing mat which will eventually come in handy especially during travels
  • Offers versatility – you can choose to wear it as a messenger bag or tote• Can hold 15” notebooks
  • Stands upright and doesn’t tip over easily
  • Looks stylish and sophisticated – not too cute
  • Strap feels comfortable on the shoulder even after extended use
  • Holds plenty of items without feeling bulky


  • Difficult to unzip using only one hand
  • Not as big as other diaper bags
  • Because of so many pockets, the main compartment isn’t that spacious anymore
Ju-Ju-Be Classic Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag (Royal Envy)

It has metal hardware that ensures the diaper bag is sturdy and durable even if you put in a lot of stuff.

It has six mesh pockets (two of which are insulated), one zip-down and a quick reach pocket for small items like keys or cell phone.

The fabric is treated to prevent stains from sticking, and the inner lining inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and any odor-causing organisms.


  • Can accommodate plenty of items
  • Lovely design – doesn’t look like a diaper bag and more of a trendy tote
  • Easy to clean – just machine wash and air dry
  • Contains 17 different compartments which keep everything organised
  • A bonus feature is the picture pocket
  • Has a memory foam changing pad
  • Uses quiet magnets, so you won’t wake up the babies in case you need to get something out
  • Two 3M Thinsulate pockets to keep drinks hot or cold
  • Shoulder strap is removable
  • Ideal for aeroplane travels – it’s lightweight and fits in the overhead bin
  • Massive storage
  • Zips down so you can see where your things are even at the bottom part
  • Comfortable enough for prolonged used


  • Pocket for phone is a bit small
  • Won’t stay upright and may tip over
  • Can’t fit into the storage compartment of a double stroller
3.    timi & leslie Kate 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set (Dark Teal/Saddle)

One look, and it’s hard not to fall in love with this. It just doesn’t seem like a diaper bag at all.

If I didn’t see the name, I would think this is a high-end tote for a fashionable woman. But yes, it mainly functions to store and keep all your baby essentials including but not limited to nappies.

Who said mothers couldn't be stylish?


  • Includes a clutch for mum’s small items – complete with a zippered pocket and credit card slots
  • Has an insulated bottle tote and clothes sac
  • The changing mat has storage for wipes and diapers
  • Sophisticated look – made of clean vegan faux leather which holds up well
  • Water resistant so you won’t be afraid of any spills – can happen anytime
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Has a broad base – you only need to put contents in so it can stand upright
  • Relatively easy to clean
  • Beautiful with impressive functionality and storage – it’s sleek and has a modern feel
  • Roomy enough for plenty of baby essentials


  • Might not have enough space for baby bottles
  • A bit expensive for a diaper bag
  • Some encountered issues with the zippers
JJ Cole Parker Diaper Bag (Black and Gold)

This stylish bag only proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Apparently, you can have both.

It’s sleek and looks very modern but spacious inside. It also includes a coordinating changing pad and stroller attachments.

It has large interior and exterior pockets for more storage.


  • Spacious main compartment
  • The interior is easy to clean – you only have to wipe the lining
  • Fabric is high quality
  • Even when full, it’s neither heavy nor bulky
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Numerous deep pockets for better organisation of items
  • Looks sophisticated but still relatively cheap
  • Compared to standard size diaper bags, it’s neither too big nor too small
  • Stylish and doesn’t exactly look too baby-ish
  • Though the main compartment is relatively deep, you won’t lose anything, and you wouldn’t need to dig through to find what you’re looking for
  • Versatile – you can use this as a tote with the handles, a shoulder bag or you can attach it to your stroller


  • The bottle pockets aren’t insulated
  • The changing pad isn’t waterproof
  • Won’t pack a day’s worth of trip or travel with the twins but for short and quick errands, it might just be right
5.    Diaper Bag Tote Chevron With Changing Mat by NimNik

I’m always up for anything that’s multi-purpose including a diaper bag. This one isn’t just stylish; it also converts into a messenger, shoulder or maternity bag.

So basically, from pregnancy to giving birth, you can use it – it saves you the hassle and cost of buying another one. Aside from the changing mat, it also includes a wet bag purse.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Fabric doesn’t feel cheap
  • Wide opening, so it’s easier to grab your things
  • Double thick bottom ensures it will stand upright even if the bag’s not full
  • Plenty of interior and mesh pockets to help you organise your small items
  • Waterproof material helps prevent stains and spills
  • Cleans up easily – just wipe the mess, and you’re good to go
  • Enormous and roomy with lots of space – can hold all the baby essentials for your twins
  • Zippers and bag handles are all sturdy
  • Bag is thick and well-padded
  • Stylish and high quality but not too expensive
  • Comfortable to carry and lightweight
  • Holds up well even with daily use
  • Shoulder straps are large enough to relieve pressure
  • Can fit laptops


  • Little pockets don’t have zippers

Benefits Of A Diaper Bag

Benefits Of A Diaper Bag

1. Has all the things the baby needs

Whether you have one child or twins, you can’t deny the fact that they have so many gears and it doesn’t matter if you’re out for one hour or one day.

Aside from stocking it with must-haves for every diaper change, kids also need extra clothes, toys, pacifiers and feeding items.

2. Can accommodate your things as well

I once tried carrying my purse in one arm and a diaper bag in the other, and I’m telling you, it doesn’t leave much else for your hands.

It’s okay if you have a companion, but if you’re travelling alone with the twins, it’s not even remotely practical. You should be free enough to hold the little ones because that’s what the bags are for – they can carry the babies’ items and yours.

It could be small things like wallet, keys and phones or bigger ones such as a pouch.

3. It keeps everything organised

Especially if you choose a design with several small pockets and compartments, it’s easy to keep track of where you placed something.

You don’t have to take out items and then put them back in once you find what you were looking. It’s easier to spot them too, and this comes in handy when you’re in a bit of a hurry and just grabbing stuff.

What To Look For

What To Look For a Diaper Bag

Ample storage space

Remember what I wrote about bringing too much stuff? Well, it’s not an exaggeration.

I have one baby, and every time we go out, I carry feeding bottles, wet wipes, nappies, milk container, an extra set of clothes, small toys, sippy cup and snacks. For the most part, bigger is better.

But it shouldn’t be so big that you struggle to carry it alone.

Easy to take and use

Some have zippers while others have Velcro straps. But there are also bags with an open compartment.

While I like how readily available all the items are with the last type, your things can also easily fall out when you’re trying to grab something because the baby demands it (e.g. cup for water).

And besides, it’s not something I would recommend when you’re in a crowded place especially if the bag contains important things such as cellphone and wallet.

The zipper is okay but looking at the bigger picture, I prefer the Velcro or magnets because opening and closing is a breeze. Also, some are difficult to carry in one shoulder, and if you brought it the whole day, you might find your muscles sore and aching.


I would never settle for anything less. It should be as reliable as strollers because you wouldn’t want the straps tearing thus rendering it useless.

If you opted for the zippers, you ought to try it if it doesn’t feel flimsy because if it does, it might ‘give up’ after a few uses.

Additional features

Lots of zippers, insulated pockets and other tiny storages – these aren’t exactly what comprise a basic diaper bag, but it’s good to have. You can put a bottle containing milk to keep it warm.

You can also separate items like nappies and clothes for easier access.

Types Of Diaper Bags

Types Of Diaper Bags


This offers several advantages including keeping your hands free and distributing the weight evenly so that you won’t end up with sore shoulders. Some of them are even big enough to include a 14-inch laptop!

And as a bonus, it comes with unisex designs too so that it will look good even on fathers.


It’s one of the most common designs you see in the department store. It’s like a bigger ladies’ handbag.

For the simplest kind, it just has a huge compartment and not much else so you can stuff everything here. Others have extra pockets.

Some even have detachable straps so you can convert it into a messenger bag or a backpack.

Messenger bag

This one is pretty popular with dads who don’t like carrying backpacks. On a side note, this doesn’t look like your average diaper bag.

In fact, the companies design it in a way that’s barely noticeable – it’s probably the most stylish among these three. It’s a sling type with an adjustable strap.


Although all of the products on this list fit the criteria when choosing a diaper bag for twins, the clear winner for me is the Diaper Bag Tote Chevron With Changing Mat by NimNik. It has everything I want and more – stylish, spacious but doesn’t break the bank.

And the downside isn’t a deal-breaker for me because as long as there are little compartments, it could be enough to keep things organised.

I also prefer not having everything zippered because it might be inconvenient to grab the items when I need them.

So, have you chosen already? Which one fits your needs?

Nancy Shaw

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