Newborn Baby And Dog: How To Introduce And Prepare

Many households treat their dog as their baby. So, when a human baby gets introduced to the family, the last creature to possess the title misbehaves.

In many ways, your dog will act like an older brother or sister for who feels threatened by a new member of the family.

When you are expecting a baby, making the necessary preparations to acquaint your dog with the household changes is a must. The sudden change could affect your dog's mood which would reflect on his behavior.

With a newborn in your care and all the necessary changes in your routine, you don't have the energy to deal with two misbehaving babies.

What can you do to make the change easier on your dog? Proper preparation is the key and here are some of the things you need to do when you learn there is going to be a baby on the way.


Newborn Baby And Dog: How To Introduce And Prepare

Sign Up for Obedience Class

When you are expecting, you might want to consider enrolling in a Lamaze class to prepare for your birthing. While at it, drop by a doggie training center to sign up your canine for a basic obedience class if he hasn't been trained yet.

While your baby bump remains quite manageable, take the time to get your dog trained. This would come in handy when you have a baby in the house.

It would also be helpful to make your dog familiar with babies and strollers. You can ask friends or other moms to introduce their babies to your pet.

This way, your canine would know what to expect when there is a baby at home.

Preparation Is Key

When you are six months into your pregnancy, it's the right time to get your dog accustomed to sharing your affection with a baby. At this time, get yourself one of those baby dolls and practice carrying it around the house.

Taking a stroller when you are walking your dog is also good practice. Dogs need time to get to use to a new routine but when they know how to behave, you wouldn't have a lot of trouble later on.

It would be best to get your dog acquainted to the smell of baby powder and soap. Canines have a good sense of smell and they could be thrown off by the new scents in the house.

Newborn Baby And Dog: How To Introduce And Prepare

Make Arrangements in Advance

Giving birth is not an exact science especially when you are planning on a normal delivery. While doctors have some idea on when the baby could come out, the actual date could be earlier or later.

For this reason, you need to prepare a bag containing everything you need to bring to the hospital. This saves a lot of time and you can make sure you won't forget anything.

When you have a dog that will be left at home, you need to prepare their things too. You should pack their foods in advance and be sure to leave them treats and toys so they won't get anxious.

You need to make arrangements for your dog weeks in advance and notify your dog's sitter about the circumstances. It would also be great if you have a backup plan in case your sitter has an emergency and backs out of the arrangement.

If you are worried your canine will be neglected for the first few days after you give birth, you can make leave your dog in a care center for a few days.

Shop for a good place in advance and as a rule of thumb, a good center will have one sitter for every five dogs.

While waiting for your delivery date, try to de-stress by taking your dog on a walk. This would be good for both of you. If a walk is out of the question and you feel pretty high strung, cuddle your pooch. This could help you and your pet stay calm.

Newborn Baby And Dog: How To Introduce And Prepare

Introducing Your Dog to Your Bundle of Joy

Provided your dog is at home when you bring home the baby, it would be better to ask someone to take your baby's clothes so your canine can have an initial sniff. It would be better if someone familiar with the dog does this. Challenge your pet to take whiffs of the item from a distance.

This exercise will acquaint your dog with the baby's scent in advance. When you are discharged from the hospital, allow your husband to carry the child since your dog may jump you in its excitement and with a baby on hand, you might find it difficult to maintain your balance.​

It's alright for your dog to sniff to tell what the baby smells like but do not allow your pet to get too close right away. Your pooch needs to earn the right to get near the baby. When your dog finally gets close, be on the lookout but allow it to sniff as much as it wants.

Despite how hectic nights are thanks to the new addition to the family, don't allow this to prevent your pup from getting exercise. Since your baby will surely get lots of new toys, be sure to buy some playthings for your canines too.

When you are nursing, ask someone to give treats to your dog when they behave. This way, they will associate feeding sessions with happy feelings.

How to Keep a Saw Home Environment for Your Babies

When you already have a baby at home, you need to maintain a safe environment. Keeping your dog out of the nursery is a must. Keeping your dog food away from your baby is necessary. Your baby might accidentally eat the dog food.

Better yet, keep your dog’s water and food bowl on the counter when it’s not time for a meal yet.

Your canine can be territorial when it comes to dog food and you want to avoid any altercation between your human and animal baby. On the subject of babies, you should also teach your child on the proper way to treat pets.

Babies can do unexpected things like pull on your pet’s tail getting hurt could cause your dog to act up. Once your baby gets older, be sure to give him or her lessons on being gentle to animals.

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