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ErgoBaby Carrier Reviews: Which Is The Best?

If you want to know which ErgoBaby is the best for you and your baby, then you should check out this article.

The importance of looking at Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews is to assess which one will work best for you and your little one. Often, I find that the best and most reliable source of feedback is a parent who has the first-hand experience in trying out the product.

You see, carriers make it to the top five essential baby gears and in more ways than one, it’s a lifesaver especially in times when bringing a bulky stroller is impractical.

It’s not just for outdoors too because it allows you the freedom to move and do things while holding your child close to you.


Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

One of the things I like about the ErgoBaby is its versatility. You can turn any carrier into something that fits a newborn baby by purchasing inserts.

With this product, there’s no need because it already has an easy-snug infant insert included.

This International Hip Dysplasia Institute also acknowledged it as a hip-healthy product. You can use this from newborn to toddlerhood because with great care; it can last for a long time.

The four positions include hip, back, front-inward and front-outward to accommodate changing needs.


  • Excellent support for both the baby and parent
  • Distributes weight evenly to avoid back pain and shoulder discomfort
  • Has extra wide-Velcro waistband to fit various body types – will fit large-frame dads without compromising comfort
  • Hood helps protect child from strong wind and the sun
  • Easy to clean, machine-washable
  • 100% premium cotton which makes it comfortable to wear
  • Soft and lightweight material
  • Breastfeeding is possible, and the hood can serve as a nursing cover too for additional privacy
  • Putting on and taking off is a breeze even if you do it by yourself
  • Sturdy and reliable, baby feels secure and doesn’t slide down over time
  • Allows you to use it for hours without any pain or strain


  • Although it has a removable door stopper which prevents the gate from opening into the staircase, I still wouldn’t advise using this for the top of the stairs.
  • The gate is pretty noisy when it shuts and locks
Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

If you’re a plus-size mum, you should pick a carrier that perfectly fits your curves because the right one will keep you and the baby comfortable and safe.

The thing about the ErgoBaby is that most of the models can fit up to 52” for the waist and 47” for the shoulders.

However, I opted for this because not only can you quickly adjust it to accommodate various wearers with different body types but it also looks sleek and cute with whale print.

It’s also a gender-neutral colour so both mum and dad can wear it and still look stylish.


  • The extra padded waistband and shoulder straps help distribute baby’s weight evenly and also provides adequate support for the lower back
  • Extra-large zippered pocket will fit small essentials like keys, credit cards or smartphone
  • The tuck-away hood ensures privacy during breastfeeding and offers protection from the wind and the sun
  • Material feels soft, lightweight and comfortable to the touch
  • Baby doesn’t slide down over time, keeps the child safe and close to you
  • Easy to put on and take off without another person’s help
  • Adjusting the straps is a breeze – can take just a minute
  • Sturdy and doesn’t easily rip even with regular use
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • Well made and feels durable
  • Excellent support for baby’s head, neck, back and hips
  • No issues even if you wear it for hours and the child can even sleep on it without any feeling of discomfort – can even work when you’re out hiking
  • Gives you peace of mind that your little one is secure
  • Faster to wear than wraps
  • Snugly fits broader frames


  • Can be a bit bulky for some
  • You might need assistance snapping the back

ErgoBaby Carrier Performance

3. ErgoBaby Original Cool Air Mesh Performance

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

One of the issues parents encounter when using carriers as opposed to wraps and ring slings is how hot it can get especially during summer or in those places with humid weather.

Most of the time, the fastest solution is to provide loose clothing for the baby, regularly check for sweating or flushing, and ultimately, not use the carrier for hours.

However, another more practical way is to purchase carriers with breathable material – preferably, made of mesh. And this is where the ErgoBaby Original Cool Air Mesh Performance comes in – you get the usual benefits and more.


  • Ergonomic with wide, deep seat
  • Allows long-wearing comfort because it evenly distributes the weight in the hips and shoulders – makes it ideal for those suffering from back problems too
  • Carrier doesn’t lose shape even with regular use – multiple babies can enjoy its comfort
  • Shoulder straps can be easily adjusted when nursing baby
  • Stays cool longer than other regular carriers
  • Allows for three carry positions and can be used for hiking since baby will stay secured
  • Material is lightweight and soft but still durable
  • Fits in a diaper bag and doesn’t take up much space since you can roll it - this makes it perfect for travels
  • Good airflow – it won’t entirely prevent you from getting hot during summer but comparatively speaking, it reduces the discomfort in humid weather at the very least
  • Wearing, taking off and adjusting the straps are easy – you wouldn’t even need any assistance once you get the hang of it


  • Waist band may be too long for petite mothers
  • Hood isn’t detachable
  • While baby won’t sweat quickly, the waistband might get a little hot for the parent and cause perspiration

ErgoBaby Sport Carrier Review

4. Ergobaby ErgoSport Baby Carrier

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Active parents need a carrier that can suit their lifestyle and still keep the child close to them. Thus, the soft-structured ErgoSport would be an ideal model.

The thing is, it has an open back vent which offers maximum breathability and freedom to move without compromising the comfort and safety of the baby and wearer.

Some mums or dads enjoy a quick walk or sprint around the neighbourhood or to the park. Thus, it’s imperative to buy a carrier that’s just perfect for this particular purpose.


  • You can detach and store the sleeping hood
  • Extremely comfortable even if you wear it for hours
  • Maximum comfort for you and the child because the weight is on your hips, not your back
  • Won’t rip or tear even with regular use
  • Cleaning up drool or any mess is no-fuss
  • You wouldn’t feel the weight that much even during a long hike
  • Easy for the little one to fall asleep on and you just have to attach the hood or cover
  • Offers flexibility and convenience because not only can both parents use it but whether it’s a hiking trail or the grocery, it will keep the baby safe and secured
  • Material doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy
  • Can last for years with proper care
  • Storage is still handy because it keeps your hands free from carrying essentials like keys and smartphone


  • The Velcro closure can disturb a sleeping baby
  • Waistband may be a bit huge for smaller or petite mums
  • A bit cumbersome to wear at first. And you need to get the hang of it, but it gets easy afterwards.
  • It’s pricier than other models or brands but still a worthy investment overall

ErgoBaby Carrier Petunia Pickle Bottom

5. ErgoBaby Frolicking in Fez

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

Like strollers and cribs, sometimes mums just want a good, adorable and fun-looking print. Gender-neutral colours are great especially for sharing with dads or those who prefer something toned down.

But, you can never go wrong with cute prints. Besides, they’re babies just once so might as well take this opportunity to go for aesthetically-pleasing designs.

But just because you went for what’s beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean you’re compromising the quality or the benefits.

On the contrary, you get everything you’ve ever wanted in a carrier – fashionable and functional. Well, I did mention earlier about ErgoBaby’s versatility which happens to be its strongest suit.


  • Extremely durable with webbing straps and reinforced stitches for the intersections
  • Eco-friendly fabrics since they’re from organic cotton
  • Soft material to keep both parent and baby comfortable
  • Ergonomically friendly design ensures safety of baby’s spine, hips and back
  • Convenient and relatively easy to wear and take off without anyone’s help
  • Smooth transfer from carrier to car seat or crib – won’t disturb the little one’s sleep
  • Even weight distribution guarantees zero pressure on the lower back – suitable for those having issues or problems in this particular body area because you can still wear it for extended periods of time
  • Offers peace of mind that baby’s secured compared to wearing ring slings or wraps
  • Child doesn’t slide down over time
  • Lightweight and breathable material – will stay cooler than other carriers
  • Easy to breastfeed and will provide enough privacy even without the hood
  • Print doesn’t fade quickly


  • Putting baby back into the previous position can be a bit challenging – you will need to watch tutorial videos and practice to get the hang of it and eventually find it easier to accomplish

ErgoBaby 360 vs. Original

There’s a lot of hype going on around ErgoBaby products, and with so much variety, sometimes it’s difficult to pick the model that’s right for you. For this face-off, let’s compare the 360 to the original.


  • Three carry positions (front, back, hip)
  • Regular baby seat
  • Buckle waistband
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space when folded
  • Regular shoulder straps


  • 4 carry positions (forward facing in & out, hip, back)
  • Bucket seat (has more depth) – ensures ergonomic seating for baby
  • Velcro waistband – provides better support for the lower back but can get loud when you try to adjust and might wake up a sleeping baby. It lets you position the band either high or low depending on which is more comfortable.
  • Looks thick, big and bulky
  • Redesigned shoulder straps to ensure maximum comfort and distribute weight more evenly

The 360 is an improvement of the Original carrier, and it answers most parents’ issues with the previous product.

ErgoBaby 360 vs. BabyBjorn One

ErgoBaby 360

  • Requires an infant seat for newborn babies which you can purchase separately – aside from the additional cost, it’s also a bit bulky
  • Baby “sits” without any problem and looks comfortable while in the carrier – hips are well-supported
  • Offers four carry positions – facing in or out, hip and back
  • Has baby hood which serves as a nursing cover and also protects from the sun and the wind

BabyBjorn One

  • The carrier seat can accommodate infants. Thus it no longer requires buying inserts
  • Unlike the ErgoBaby, baby somehow “hangs” instead of “sitting” especially since their legs tend to dangle
  • Offers four carry positions but doesn’t let you carry the little one on the hip
  • Has a bib to catch the drool

The ErgoBaby 360 is superior to the BabyBjorn One because of its excellent support for the baby – that alone makes it a winner.

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There’s always an ErgoBaby carrier that will fit your specific needs whether you want something you can use while hiking or a simple carrier that gives you the freedom to move around and still have the baby close.

At the end of the day, there’s a reason why it’s considered a frontrunner in soft-structured carriers. It may be pricier than some, but it’s worth every penny.

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