The Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers: 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Before choosing or buying the best diaper pail for cloth diapers, it’s important for you to read this article first.

One of the things that are difficult to contain is the smell of soiled nappies. Especially when you’re too busy to wash them, you might need the best diaper pail for cloth diapers (CD).

In a way, it’s a real lifesaver because you can and should never put the CD in the laundry basket.


  • It seals the smell. It’s not exactly realistic to wash cloth diapers on a daily basis, so chances are, you need someplace to store them.

An ordinary laundry bag wouldn’t suffice because it will still stink.

  • It’s eco-friendly. We all know what plastic bags can do to the environment – how much harm it can cause in the long run.

Why is this important?

Your newborn will go through an average of 12 CDs in a day. In a perfect world, you will be able to attend to the cleaning and washing every two to three days.

Worst case scenario: you’ll clean them twice or once a week. Although to be fair, as long as they haven’t started with their solids yet (at around six months), it’s not going to be that stinky.

You know, even in between changing nappies, you have to juggle tasks. So more often than not, you are faced with the dilemma of holding a soiled cloth diaper and wondering where you should put it.

And this is where the diaper pail comes to the rescue. Also, you’ll be using it until your little one is potty trained.

What Are The Things You Need To Consider?

1. How effective is the odour control?

While I understand that the design might have something to do with your decision, bear in mind that you shouldn’t choose based on aesthetics alone. Sure, it probably looks cute in your nursery but does it do its job?

Remember, its primary purpose is odour containment. When you add soiled diapers to it, does it release a foul smell that’s vomit-inducing?

Or does it effectively seal in the nasty odour? That should be the first consideration.

How much is it?

Like every other baby gear and essential, consider how much you’re willing to pay for the item. I always say this to anyone who’s planning to buy something for their child: never go overboard with your budget.

Diaper pails are beneficial but don’t exactly fall under the “absolute need” category. It’s good and nice to have, but it doesn’t mean you will go beyond what you can afford.

Is it easy to use?

And by ‘easy,’ I mean something which you can open and put the nappy in using only one hand. Mothers have mastered the art of doing everything one-handed, and this is one of them.

Some products even have foot pedals, so you don’t need to touch anything. It’s not just a matter of convenience but also for sanitary purposes.

Ways to Control The Odour

Depending on the item, there are three means of containing the stink.

  • Manually adding deodorizer
  • Scented pail liners
  • Air filters such as charcoal

It can also depend on your personal preference if you prefer something which seals in the odour without you having to put in anything or if you want to make sure there’s zero smell by spraying deodorizer.

Additional Reminders

  1. Even if you already used diaper pail liners, you can supplement the odour containment by putting a deodorizer beside it. It could be coffee grounds, baking soda, charcoal or other safe and non-toxic items you can just find at home.
  2. Wash as often as you can. It might be difficult to do given that 24 hours isn’t enough for mothers to finish so many tasks, chores and work.

    But if you have time to spare, just do it so that it won’t accumulate and also prevent the spread of bacteria.
  3. Don’t overfill. It won’t be able to seal in the stink if you put more diapers than what it’s supposed to contain.

    As I mentioned earlier, newborns easily go through 1 nappy every 3-4 hours and one day can yield at least 12 soiled diapers.

    It is connected to #2 because if you wash the CDs often, you won’t have problems with overfilling the pail.
  4. Put it in an area far away from kids. Curiosity can get the better of them so once older children find out how to open and close the diaper pail, they might play with it and well, you know how much germs are inside.

    It should be in a corner not easily visible.

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Best Diaper Pails For Cloth Diapers Reviews

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

This product doesn’t need any special bag inside because the powder coated steel and rubber seals already help lock all the odours in.

It also contains a childproof safety lock, so the kids won’t accidentally open it thus exposing themselves to various microorganisms in the soiled diapers.

There’s even a variety of colours to choose from which is always nice.


  • The covered rim stops it from ripping open
  • Doesn’t absorb odours and keeps all the nasty smell locked in
  • High quality and the materials used don’t feel cheap
  • Lets you use regular cloth liners and kitchen bags
  • The rubber seal on the rim keeps it airtight – no escaping odours from the inside
  • Has an innovative lid that slides open when you need to put in diapers
  • Modern and sophisticated design
  • Fits well even into small and tight spaces
  • It takes a few seconds to open, throw in the nappy and seal shut
  • Easy to operate even with one hand
  • Can hold around 50 dirty diapers


  • A bit pricey
  • The opening is small – only around four inches
  • Requires you to use durable bags and not the flimsy ones that easily tear


It looks mighty expensive, yes, especially considering there are pails for half the price. But it’s worth it because it gets the job done and doesn’t require you to buy the expensive bags like other pails. In the long run, you can save more money.

2.    Munchkin Step Diaper Pail Powered By Arm and Hammer

This diaper pail features a self-sealing system, and it also works well with ‘rings and snap’ and ‘seal and toss’ bags. It also makes everything easier with its foot pedal.

The Munchkin company even promises to plant one tree for every diaper pail sold – this is their commitment to the environment.


  • Uses lavender scented refills to help neutralise with the stinky smell
  • Also, has additional odour control with the baking soda cartridge
  • Has a childproof locking system to prevent kids from accidentally opening it
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • Can hold a lot of diapers – about three days worth of nappies
  • Sturdy, stable and robust – it won’t easily topple down
  • Sleek and modern design – blends well with the nursery
  • The refills are easy to remove and replace


  • Only has a few bags, you will need to purchase the refills and cartridges separately
  • You will need to use your hand in closing the lid because you have to push it down
  • You have to squish the diaper to put it in
  • Won’t fit other bags
  • Needs to be emptied regularly
  • The mechanism could get stuck if it’s almost full


It’s well worth the price if you don’t mind the material made of plastic. While it usually does the job, it’s a bit gross that you need to squish the nappy especially if there’s poop inside.

Also, I would have preferred it to seal shut automatically instead of having to push down.

Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail

This diaper pail allows for a hands-free experience. All you have to do is step on it and drop the nappy.

And you’re done! It has a triple odour control system which ensures that all stinky scents are inside the pail.

The closed-cell ABS plastic also works like metal.


  • Refills can hold a lot of nappies and are powder-scented
  • Lid closes by itself once you release the foot pedal – no need to squish the diaper or press the top down
  • Easy to empty – all you have to do is open the service door to remove the used liner
  • Lets you use regular kitchen bags – you don’t have to buy the expensive, specialised ones
  • Uses eco-friendly bags
  • Has a childproof safety lock
  • Can hold two days worth of cloth diapers
  • Beautiful design and looks nice inside the nursery
  • Durable and doesn’t feel flimsy
  • Versatile – also doubles as a trash can
  • Doesn’t look cheap even if it’s plastic
  • The whole process of taking out the nappies is straightforward, foolproof and easy to follow – won’t take up much of your time


  • Some odour might still leak


It’s a good quality diaper pail especially considering its price tag. The usual complaint of leaking odour is easily explainable.

You have stinky nappies inside and of course, when you open the pail, some air and therefore stink will escape. Still, once it’s sealed, it does its job, and that’s what’s important to me.

4.    Safety First Easy Saver Diaper Pail

This simple but modern looking diaper pail is ideal for those who are on a tight budget and not willing to spend more than fifty bucks for this baby gear.

Aside from the attractive price, it also uses regular plastic bags, so there’s no need to purchase the more expensive ones.


  • Lets you operate it using only one hand
  • Can hold around 20 cloth diapers
  • Works well in keeping odour contained inside the pail
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Impressive capacity – not too large but just enough that you won’t need to empty it out every single day
  • Deodorising tablet works well, but you can also replace it with baking soda or charcoal
  • Reasonably priced and maintenance is cheap
  • Sturdy and durable even if it’s inexpensive
  • Lightweight and doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • High quality but not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing product


  • Not a lot of designs and looks pretty ordinary
  • May not be ideal in tiny spaces
  • Some smell still escapes the pail
  • Can start smelling after two days
  • Opening may be a bit small for cloth diapers – you have to squish them in which can be a bit unsanitary


To be honest, there’s not much to expect with this kind of price, but it’s still cost-effective. It seals in the odour, but you need to empty it before it starts to smell.

I would prefer a pail that’s hands-free and where I don’t need to touch it when dropping nappies or changing liners.

5.    Baby Trend Diaper Champ Deluxe

This diaper pail claims superior odour control and can hold up to 30 diapers. But, CDs are relatively bigger than disposable ones, so it probably won’t reach even close to that number.

It looks sleek and modern looking – doesn’t look like your average pail. It would blend well in any room.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Gives you two options: their Diaper Champ refills OR any 13 gal kitchen bag
  • Keeps the smell contained and worked better with deodorizer
  • Holds the nappies in


  • Not hands-free, you need to open the top when dropping a nappy
  • Hole is too small – this becomes a problem with CDs because you need to squish and push them in, might be a problem if poop leaks out
  • No childproof safety lock – toddlers will find it relatively easy to stick their hand in
  • Handles feel kind of flimsy
  • Not reliable enough if you change diapers often because it could jam
  • Can retain the odour (probably because it’s plastic) although it’s easy to remedy with the help of deodorizers
  • Not as big as other diaper pails
  • Not stable, could topple over when almost full


It’s great if you have a limited budget. However, you shouldn’t expect it to function as perfectly as the more expensive ones.

For its price though, it’s okay – nothing over-the-top, impressive or mind-blowing. But that’s to be expected. You just get what you pay for – nothing more, nothing less.


The clear winner for this baby gear is the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail. Sure, it is a bit expensive (almost three times the amount of the cheapest product on this list) but it’s well worth it.

The mechanism is impressive and keeps everything sanitary. The downsides aren’t a huge deal to me because these are things you can work your way around.

Overall, the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. And at the end of the day, if I had that budget, I would undoubtedly go for it.

It does its job and more and looks sophisticated at that too.

What are you planning to buy? Share it with me in the comments.

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