How Do I Detect That There Are Bed Bugs In My Baby’s Nursery?

Having little bugs below your bed isn’t just a nightmare, but this bloodsucking creature will make your night bad!

Even if you have a small doubt that there are bed bugs that are lurking around your room in the dark is going to leave you sleepless. Bugs can spread infections at a speed of light years.

So, how would you detect that there are bed bugs in your baby’s nursery? How would you know that it’s time to sterilize baby bottles and everything another thing that your baby plays or eats with?


It is important to distinguish between a distinguish between a bed bug bites and mosquito bites. Their bites may cause skin irritation, and with a newborn baby, you may not even know that what sort of allergy it can create. It is very important to keep them in a safe environment.

These bugs hide inside the deep burrow, into the holes, in the deepest layer of your mattress and places where you could have never imagined.

Even the pest control is ineffective on some bugs, and they would survive happily through it. So, it is your duty to look for the following basics sign which indicates the presence of bed bug in your baby’s nursery and to take necessary steps to keep your baby and family in a safe environment.

1. Do you find some suspicious marks on your baby’s body that can be from bed bugs?

some suspicious marks on your baby’s body that can be from bed bugs

Bed bugs are so talented that they would bite you and feed on you without even letting you know and waking you up. If you see the marks of itchy bites continuously over a patch, that means that the bloodsucking creature was out last night and your baby was his feast.

And the fun part is that the baby would even not come to know about it because the bug numbs the part before feeding and also injects an anticoagulant to maintain a continuous flow blood while he is feeding. Many babies are allergic to anticoagulant injected by the bug in the body and are root for itchiness.

If your family members are allergic to such bug bites, an immediate medical attention is required. It is important to bring them to the hospital and treat them before the part becomes swollen and very infected.

2. Did you find shells or empty skin layers around the house and especially in your baby’s room that looks almost like the bed bugs one?

bed bugs

Bed bugs are prone to shed or molt their whole skin while they grow. So whenever these bugs make your home their home, you will find a molten layer of their skin everywhere and especially in the corners. You may find their skin in the seamless layers of the mattress, in the small cracks or as said in the corners.

You might also see eggshells or white eggs that are of about 1mm in a diameter. This is your signal; eradicate them before they make a family here.

3. Search for their tiny drops around. You can also see small-small dark spots on your bed sheets, pillow covers and around the linen.

Live bugs leave tiny spots of their poop on your mattress, on your bed spoiling your bed sheets and pillow covers. Even their droppings are very infectious, and sometimes they even leave red spots of their blood on linen and your clothes too.

4. Make sure to catch a live living bed bug.

How Do I Detect That There Are Bed Bugs In My Baby’s Nursery?

Even with these signs, it is important to catch a bug trying to crawl inside your small baby’s bed. They will make sure that you don’t catch them but go it’s your duty to catch them red-handed.

Catching them live tells you that bed bugs are molesting your house. Go, it’s time for you to call the best pest control guys at your home.

5. When you suspect bed bug bites on your baby

How Do I Detect That There Are Bed Bugs In My Baby’s Nursery?
  • Immediately take your baby to a shower and wash the sites where you find the bites with hot water and soap.
  • Apply anti-itching or some medication to control the itching of a baby.
  • For a period, limit your baby’s contact with his/her toys.
  • If you find no change after application of anti-itching medication, consult your doctor immediately.

6. How to solve and treat the infestation of bed bugs in the house?

How to solve and treat the infestation of bed bugs in the house
  • Wash all the soft bedding with hot water in your washing machine.
  • Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive a hot steam. So, iron all your bed sheets, mattress, and blankets or can also use “bed bug steamer.”
  • Vacuum everything including the corners and small cracks around the house and packs the toys in plastic bags for few weeks.
  • Call pest control and make them spray the pesticides around the whole house, behind the drapes, pictures, small cracks, sockets and even your closet.

It gets very difficult to handle such situations with a baby in the house, but you have to be very alert. Search for them, even if you are less suspicious and protect your child.

I hope that I was able to guide you with everything necessary to know about detecting and protecting your child from bed bugs.

Also, try to use non-toxic pesticides as chemicals might harm your baby. Share us your reviews in the comment section below and also share us your stories. Good luck hunting the bugs!

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