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Guide To A Baby’s Diet Since Birth

The first year of a child`s life features a massive increase in weight and length by up to 50%. Considering their weak digestive systems, babies cannot be subjected to eating foods requiring complicated digestion hence the only compensation for their growth is reached by giving them highly nutritious foods.

If you are a new parent, different kinds of contradicting pieces of advice about feeding the infant are provided. This leaves you confused on what foods are the best and at what stage they should be administered. The article below, however, comes in as a relief! We highlight the exact menu a child needs at different stages to help in their maturity.

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How To Make The Best Fruit And Vegetable Smoothies For Kids

There are so many ways you can choose in order to introduce nutritious foods to your child. One of the most effective means is by making fruit and vegetable smoothies for kids.

It’s delicious and depending on the ingredients; it can contain antioxidants, vitamins, and various nutrients. On the plus side, they’ll never get bored because you can experiment by mixing and matching whatever is available in your pantry.

It’s so healthy that everyone in the family can drink them. You can incorporate more than five varieties in one glass alone.

And it doesn’t take too much time and effort to make it.

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How To Make Black Beans Baby Food

If you’re planning on introducing the super-food black beans to your baby, read on to know more about its nutritional facts and also some recipes.

You know, I never thought I was a domestic goddess until I became a mother. Admittedly, my husband is a better cook than me, and he can do without recipe books and guides.

As for me, I need specific instructions with the exact amount of ingredients necessary and yes, I follow the directions religiously.

But to be fair, cooking for my little one isn’t as stressful as compared to preparing meals for adults. For one, it’s not very complicated – even if you don’t know what the cooking terms 'poach' or 'scald' means, you’re still ready to go.

If you want variety in your child’s meals, you might like to try the black beans baby food.

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Nutramigen VS Alimentum Which Is The Superior Product

An apparent pet peeve of every mother is food allergy mainly protein sensitivity when consuming cow’s milk which is why the recommendation is to use the hypoallergenic formula.


In turn, the milk helps relieve the colic symptoms associated with the allergies.

Choosing the right brand is crucial thus, most mums end up with two popular and shared choices – Nutramigen VS Alimentum.

The question now is whether one product is way better than the other. What are its contents and are there additional nutrients in every scoop?

There’s no wrong answer here, to be honest. But you have to find the right milk that fits your baby’s needs.

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20 Baby Food Recipes and 16 Tips You Can Cook Today

Check out this article for more baby food recipes which are easy to prepare and make.

Honestly, I’ve never been much of a cook. The only things I can whip up with ease and little errors include fried foods. But now I guess I can add another achievement under my belt because apparently, I am already an expert in baby food recipes.

It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s not.

So, how do we do this? Keep reading.

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