Best Gift For A 6-Year Old Girl 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays or just a random gift-giving moment; it’s easy to pick the best gift for a 6-year old girl as long as you know what’s appropriate for this age.

Most kids, however, already have their favourites like Barbie dolls, bicycles, puzzles, Lego blocks or board games.


    • Dolls: They may now enjoy role-playing because it’s at this age when they love anything that involves fantasy and imagination. Also, this can help improve their social skills since they may invite friends or neighbours to play with them.

      Another thing is, they tend to play with other kids of the same gender. By the way, dolls today are different. There are those that can drink milk and even poop.
    • Coloured Pens: Not only have they learned how to write, but they might appreciate what they can do with various colours. If you want, you can include a colouring book too.
    • Kid's Headphones: In truth, music transcends age (my little boy started headbanging and humming to his favourite tunes before he turned 2) so this would be a good option.

      It would also come in handy during long travels because it will keep them calm and busy. Just be sure to pick those for kids (max volume is significantly lower than that of an adult’s).
    • Animated Plush: Remember that stuffed unicorn that speaks when you were a kid? Yes, it’s hands-down adorable. Just make sure you take off the batteries at night because the last thing you need is someone speaking in the hallway in the middle of the evening.
    • Books: You can now advance to the real ones – no more cloth or board books. Your kid can now understand that they shouldn’t tear it to pieces but read them. They’d still appreciate those with images and illustrations though because they find those more interesting than books with just plain text.
    • Construction Pieces: This is a good way to bond with your kid – you can build farms, houses, and almost everything in between. They may need your guidance because some parts can be confusing.Nevertheless, it’s a fun activity for both of you that’s sure to keep you busy.
    • Dollhouse: Although buying one from the toy store is okay (saves you time but may cost more), if you’re creative and patient enough, you can construct one from scratch. Plus, if you do it yourself, you add a customised touch to it.
    • Toy Cars: It’s one of the dream toys for little boys, but some girls love it too. My nephew even had this little ‘garage’ in his room where he kept those miniature replicas of Porsche, Jaguar, and other sports cars.

      And you can add a track where they can race with other kids.
    • Kitchen Play: I did mention about make-believe earlier, didn’t I? Well, this is another thrilling plaything that they will love. They can cook or bake. And these sets include plastic food such as bacon and eggs (who doesn’t love them?), chicken and bread.
    • Action Figures: If they’re big fans of Spiderman, Captain America, the Hulk or Elsa and Anna from Frozen; they’ll surely get excited to have these as gifts. But warning, don’t expect these to last, though.

      They’ll likely play with it and handle them so roughly; you might find the limbs and other parts scattered all over your house.
    • LEGO Bricks: This is the truth, everyone loves these blocks. You can create anything, and it stimulates the kid’s imagination and creativity. The possibilities are endless. They can build castles or houses.
    • But I guess I don’t need to emphasise the importance of storing them properly. I mean, you know how painful it is to step on them.

Other Things To Consider

  • Budget: I always say this – never go beyond what you can afford. Gifts aren’t necessities. You see, “It’s the thought that counts” is not a cliché. It’s the simple, honest truth.

    You don’t have to purchase a 200-dollar doll when you can go for a 20-dollar action figure.
  • Occasion: Duh? I know you might think this is just common sense but sometimes, you might overlook it. When it’s Christmas, you can always go for Santa Claus plush toys (which may not be as expensive as an entire kitchen set).

    Also for the holidays, I like to do my holiday gift shopping before the BER months (more often in August). The reason is purely financial practicality. Items tend to be more expensive as December nears – they know it’s the gift-giving season.

    There are plenty of sales during the entire year (summer, back-to-school, graduation) and I always like to take advantage so I can buy more.
  • Preference: When my niece was around 6 or 7, she refused to play with dolls since she liked her cousin’s toy guns. She would put aside the Barbie doll and have her hold one of these mini guns she got from his toy soldiers.

    So if you can, try to find out what they like. Also, you might want to check with the parents if they have the item you’re planning to buy because you wouldn’t want them to have two of those.

Gift Ideas For A 6-Year Old Girl

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have the time and patience to make a DIY dollhouse, this is a good alternative. It’s big enough to allow plenty of kids to play and can also accommodate 4-inch mini dolls. 

Other features include 17 pieces of furniture, windows )that open and close), and moulded plastic staircases. 


  • Less than 3ft so it doesn’t take up too much space
  • The furniture pieces are adorable but sturdy
  • Relatively easy to put together and assemble
  • Will keep the kids busy
  • Ideal for both parallel and solitary play
  • Balcony is high enough for some action figures
  • Rooms are big and have plenty of space
  • Directions were well done and easy to follow
  • The screw heads are color-coordinated, it will help you determine which part of the house you should drill them
  • Lightweight and can be moved around without difficulty


  • Stairs come off quickly
  • Not painted, just covered in sticker
  • You may need to watch out for wood chipping
  • Not all pieces fit in line
  • Some parts may be missing or broken due to shipping, check everything before assembling
  • Mislabeled furniture pieces in some cases
Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen

First off, let me just say I wish this existed when I was a kid – something as realistic and beautifully crafted as this would have been the highlight of my childhood. It’s a stylish kitchen set with ‘windows’ and also includes 30 pieces of accessories.

Other features include frying pan, coffee pot, ‘stainless steel’ microwave, oven and refrigerator.


  • Plenty of possibilities for imaginative play
  • The sounds are almost like the real thing – from the frying to the boiling
  • Assembly may take more or less 10 minutes
  • Perfect size – not too huge but not too small either, allows for ample space for pretend cooking
  • Gender-neutral colors
  • Durable and well made
  • Will allow for solitary play and keep them busy for hours
  • Encourages exploration and also introduces them to various kitchen appliances and its uses
  • Good variety of accessories
  • Highly engaging and might also work for parallel play


  • Limited storage area
  • You may have difficulty trying to align some parts with the screws
  • Small counter space – may be hard during food preparation
  • Telephone doesn’t make as much noise as the coffee pot and stove
LEGO Juniors 10667 Construction

It's the perfect introduction to brick building, and it features a beautiful container, a construction worker mini figure, truck, wall section and a crane with wrecking ball. Other accessories include cones and a wheelbarrow.

There’s an age-appropriate instruction for building and scaffolding. You can rebuild it into new models too.


  • Lets kids put them together without any help from adults
  • Easy instructions that your child can follow
  • Stylish container that makes it handier to bring during travels, it doubles as a reusable packaging too
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity
  • The complexity is just right to give your children a certain sense of accomplishment especially when they can figure it out by themselves
  • Will keep them occupied for long periods of time
  • Can be for solitary play or can also allow for bonding time with parents
  • Sturdy case
  • The additional pieces let kids build more models (a huge plus, if you ask me)
  • Easy to clean up and store – no more stepping on LEGO


  • Lid container doesn’t work too well
  • Might be smaller than what you’d expect
  • A bit hard to pull apart (quite common for all LEGO pieces)
Disney Frozen Do You Want to Build a Snowman Jewelry Box Toy

This adorable toy features three of the most adorable and lovable characters in Disney’s Frozen movie – Elsa, Anna and Olaf. There’s even a cute heart ring included! It’s great for storing not just jewellery but also essential trinkets.

And you get to hear your favourite song “Do you wanna build a snowman?” play.


  • Package includes free batteries so it’s ready to play with
  • Can hold up well even with rough handling except for throwing though
  • Good quality and clear sound, no distortion in the song
  • Can be a huge hit for little girls
  • The song is loud, compared to other jewellery boxes
  • Anna and Elsa move and build Olaf, a fun sight for the kids
  • Inexpensive, good deal for the price
  • Ideal gift for Christmas
  • Drawer is of decent size and can hold tiny jewellery like rings and beads


  • The entire box is a tad bit small
  • Drawer comes off while playing
  • Doesn’t play the whole song, just a few seconds of it
  • Kind of flimsy, overall
  • Can be annoying to parents since they might play it over and over again
  • May not work at times
CozyPhones Kids Headphones

The speakers only measure 1/8” and it also has a durable braided cable which makes it ideal for those who aren’t big fans of earbuds or large headphones. It has a unique and adorable design that little girls will surely love.

And the company also offers a money-back guarantee.


  • No more bulky over the ear headphones
  • Will surely fit your child’s head
  • Comfortable to wear and easy to carry – makes it perfect to keep them occupied during travels
  • Soft and washable – no bulging speakers
  • Can double as a sleep mask
  • May be used while lying down and won’t interfere with the car seat headrest
  • Flexible, durable and sturdy parts
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Cord is lace fibre (quite sturdy), no worries of shredding
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Fun, cute and colourful designs (plenty to choose from)
  • No wire tangling
  • The company has awesome customer service


  • No Bluetooth option
  • Not that great for warm weather because your child might sweat more
  • No volume button on the headset, it will rely on your device
  • They might pull on the cord so the speakers could slide back

What’s Your Pick?

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of things to take into consideration. But provided that you have no idea what the 6-year old recipient likes, it would be safe to assume she’ll love the CozyPhones Headset.


First, kids at this age already have their favourite shows. Sure, you’re not going to let them watch for hours, but it would be a lifesaver for plane flights and the parents will thank you for sure.

Second, it’s going to come in handy at some point and not just during travels. Nevertheless, the other options in this list are also great.

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