How To Clean A Wubbanub: Guaranteed Fast And Easy

What I like most about the Wubbanub is how adorable it looks. It's proof that function and aesthetic can go together – two things which are important in baby gears.

Besides, you’ve probably experienced at one point when the pacifier suddenly goes missing.

Ah, yes. There’s the horror of wondering if you can ever find them again. Also, small items have this peculiar habit of disappearing whenever you’re trying to look for them. It’s as if they’re taunting you.

And what better way to avoid such dilemma than to use the Wubbanub – it’s a pacifier with a plush toy. Thus, losing them is next to impossible, and it doubles as a second soothing object for the baby.


You don’t need to carry around stuffed animals as your little one’s love object or first friend.

But like every plush toy they have, it might get dirty easily – remnants of baby food, drool or other stuff coming in contact with them. And of course, you also need to sanitise the pacifier. But with this 2-in-1 item, how do you accomplish both?

Knowing how to clean a Wubbanub is an absolute must. Don’t worry, though; it’s relatively easy.

  • Baby laundry detergent: Babies have sensitive skin. It's for this reason why they need gentle soap and shampoos. But the thing is, your family should change your detergent to a baby-friendly type.


    Especially infants, they’ll come in contact with your clothes several times in a day. Also, the same thing should be done for their stuffed toys including the plush animal in the Wubbanub.

    It will touch their skin, and the last thing you want is for rashes to appear on the cheeks or near the mouth.
  • Mild liquid soap: It’s the same one you use for cleaning the feeding bottles, training cups, or bowls. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

    As mentioned earlier, they are sensitive much more because their immune system hasn’t fully developed yet.If they’re less than one year old, you need extra care for practically anything and everything.

    They can’t protect themselves yet. However, if the owner of the Wubbanub is a toddler, still observe this practice. It’s better safe than sorry.
  • Steriliser (optional): Some parents like the ease and convenience of using sterilisers especially the large ones.

    You can clean all the bottles, nipples and pacifiers in one go – a good deal for mums on the go.

    However, if you’re not a huge fan of this baby gear, you can just prepare boiling water. You just have to make sure you’re doing all these on a flat surface and away from the kids to avoid any untoward accidents.

What You Have To Clean A Wubbanub

  1. You must understand that you cannot remove the plush toy from the pacifier unless you want to use a seam ripper and then stitch it back after cleaning.

    It’s not practical, and it defeats the purpose of saving time and energy. It also gets tedious if you attempt to sew it as neatly as it was when you bought it.
  2. Cleaning the plush is easy. Since it’s machine washable, you can put it in a mesh laundry bag then wash it with the baby’s clothes.

    Remember to use the baby laundry detergent. After washing on gentle cycle, allow it to air dry.

    It will be ready for use in no time because the toy is small. Maybe the one thing you need to deal with at this point is if your little one wants to use it.

    You may consider buying a second Wubbanub to soothe the baby when you need to clean the first one.
  3. Before the first use, always sterilise the nipple. Use the mild liquid soap to clean and then wash with warm water. It will help remove any crusts or whatever dirt is on the nipple.

    After cleansing thoroughly, soak the nipple part of the Wubbanub in boiling water. Hold it for around 2-4 minutes. It is a no-fuss step because you can hold onto the toy while doing so.

    Another option is to use the steriliser. But please take note that you cannot put this product in a dishwasher.
  4. Double check the pacifier if there are no soap residues left. I know other people might think I tend to go overboard but as I said before, it’s all about your baby’s safety.

    Also, I can be a bit of a germaphobe, so it’s no surprise that I constantly check these items.

It is perhaps the only downside to using Wubbanub – the cleaning part. I have plenty of friends who happen to be big fans of this pacifier – it’s cute and adorable.

On the plus side, it can soothe the baby with two things – the pacifier and the plush toy.

That’s a huge win for mothers. Of course at first glance, you’d think it might be impossible to clean it but as you can see, it’s easy-peasy, and it’s not even going to take much of your time.

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