Crib Sheets: The Best Types And How Much You Need

If you want to know exactly how many crib sheets you need to buy for your baby, then this post is for you.

One of the things I’m guilty of as a mother is buying too much of everything and not just because I feel like it. As a first-time mum, I never want to look for something only to find out that there’s not enough.

Just like when I need another carrier while waiting for the other one to dry OR when I realise the mattress is soiled, but I don’t have a spare.

I know you probably asked yourself more than once: how many crib sheets do I need? It’s good you stumbled upon this post so you won’t have to over-purchase.


Buying Guide

No matter what kind of crib you have, you’re going to need this. Like most of the products on the market (which can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for), you need to know which ones to pick and which to skip.

Because let’s face it, even sheets aren't the same.

These are some things to consider:

1. Comfort

Think about it, you wouldn’t buy blankets or mattresses which you wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping. The same thing goes for the little one.

Particularly during the first few weeks, they will sleep most of the time, and you don’t want any disturbance. Also, you’d hate it if they wake up irritable and restless.

2. ​Safety

There are two kinds: fitted and non-fitted sheets. The former contains elastic which makes it easy to secure and also fits snugly on the mattress, thus the name.

The latter is the regular kind, similar to the adult sheets you use. The right choice here is pretty obvious: the fitted sheet because there’s less likelihood that it will loosen and trap your baby, or worse suffocate them.

Always choose the fitted sheet which perfectly fits your little one's mattress.

3. Go organic

This is chemical-free and is suitable for babies, even those who don’t have sensitive skin. When washing it, make sure you use a detergent specifically made for infants, not your regular one – this is to avoid dyes, fragrances and harmful chemicals which might come in contact with your child.

Types Of Crib Sheets


This type of fabric is breathable and soft. It keeps the infant cool during warm weather and helps warm the body during colder days.

Cotton crib sheets are also hypoallergenic (which makes it ideal for babies with sensitive skin), easy to wash and extremely durable.

The only downside to it is because of its softness; it wrinkles easily.


This one is soft and plush – very comfortable for the babies. It’s relatively thicker than cotton, but the thing is, it retains heat.

Therefore, it’s ideal for places with cold weather because it might increase the temperature if it gets too hot.

The weave is durable, and it’s highly elastic.


This is perhaps the most suitable choice during winter. But because it keeps the infant toasty, it should be avoided during warmer days.


So, How Many Crib Sheets Should I Buy?

3 or4
Crib Sheets

If you’re on a tight budget, go for at least THREE or FOUR. This way, you always have a spare one whenever there are accidents such as the baby wetting the mattress, or there are spills of any kind (worst case scenario is a total diaper blow out).

They could also drool or sweat and you will find yourself cleaning the sheet every other day. I had three when I gave birth because I wanted extra sheets just in case I didn’t have time to do laundry and it piles up.

But the thing is, the ideal number is around 8-10.

8 -10
Crib Sheets

However, this is variable. If you find your baby not sweating, or drooling too much, then there’s no need to go beyond five.

Something To Keep In Mind Before Buying

I know how tempting it is to buy sets of everything – one that includes crib sheets, quilts, blankets, bumpers, mats and skirts.

But keep in mind that manufacturers will most likely choose products which are cheapest so they can bundle them in sets.

They’re not exactly going to go for those with high quality. To ensure you get the best of something, pick a separate item instead.

Remember, there are things you should save on, but a crib sheet shouldn’t be one of them.


You shouldn’t go cheap when it comes to crib sheets and when faced with numerous choices, always keep in mind that fitted sheet has more advantages over non-fitted ones and it includes the safety of your child.

There have been cases of suffocation when they get wrapped because the sheet doesn’t fit snugly on the mattress.

If you’re shopping early, you can only buy the minimum which is three. You can just add later.

But I don’t suggest buying only two since there’s high probability of soiling the sheet and when it needs to get washed, you should always have a spare in hand.

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