The Best Gift For Daycare Provider: Our Top 7 Picks

Daycares have become a real life-saver for parents. Whether you need to go back to work, have a business to take care of or if you just want to reap the benefits (socialization, for one) of sending your kids to daycare; it has become a popular choice nowadays.

But what if you’re moving to another town? Or you need someplace that’s nearer your home? It’s not exactly a SOP but rather, an unspoken etiquette to leave a gift for daycare provider when leaving.

After all, they’ve helped you in more ways than one. At least, that’s what I felt!


What Can You Give Them?

Of course, first and foremost, you need to consider their hobbies or anything that interests them. For example: do they enjoy cooking? Are they more of an outdoors person and tend to like camping?

Are they bookworms or prefer movie nights for relaxation?

Second, another consideration would be your budget obviously. I know some of us love our daycare providers so much for being the best we may tend to go overboard. Please, don’t.

Besides, sometimes there can be as much as 6-7 of them taking care of your child and as a parent, you know there are so many expenses at home so don’t let the gift be a financial burden.

1. A basket of goodies

Don’t you just love receiving small items in a nicely wrapped package? That’s what I look for during the holidays. It doesn’t have to be grand, mind you.

You can put in small lotions, bottles of perfume, scented soap, or colorful nail polish. The other day, while I was buying some stuff at the department store, I saw this cute little box (the ones you often see on Christmas or holidays) that contained one tub of lotion, two artisanal soaps, a lovely face towel and hand sanitizer.

The packaging looks beautiful and elegant – the kind you see on Victoria’s Secret sets. It’s a good idea to give the provider – dainty, simple but something she can use. Or she can display it at home.

Either way, it’s not expensive, and it’s a generic gift – meaning, you can give it to anyone regardless of their preference. Because who can resist a lovely boxed set?

2. Spa service

Think about it, every single day, they have to take care and deal with kids who are a handful. They face tantrums of all kinds (whining, wailing, or to an extent, throwing things) and as a normal human being, it can only go so far.

It’s a tiresome job – mentally, emotionally, psychologically and even physically. Imagine having to run around and chase not one or two, but five toddlers. Yes, that’s more draining than a rigorous time at the gym.

So one way to give back to these hard-working providers is by treating them to a spa service – facial, massage, or foot and hand spa. I guarantee you; they’ll love it. It’s a great reward for such an amazing work they do.

I mean, if someone offered me a 45-minute full body massage, I’d be grateful for eternity.

3. DIY pampering sets

If they’re too busy to go to the spa, you can give them their pedicure and manicure set, a box of bath bombs for a relaxing bath, foot care kit, a large tub of mud mask or a bunch of different kinds of hair brushes.

It’s a lot like giving them the luxury of a “me” time. They get to do what they want (paint their nails, go for a long, warm bath or just pamper their locks) and when they want it.

It’s one of the things we often overlook – that something as simple as getting your nails done and going to work with a fresh and charming polish can already make someone happy. I’d like to emphasize that gifts should not be exceedingly expensive.

Keep in mind; it’s the thought that counts. It may be simple, but it’s a reminder to the provider that you are grateful for taking care of your little ones.

4. Entertainment

It could be a Netflix membership, two tickets to a local cinema or backstage passes for their favorite musician. Have you noticed that most of these gifts are about relaxation and having a grand time?

Because as I said earlier, daycare is not for everyone – you need to have the patience and passion in dealing with the tots. So it’s a good way to show your gratitude – by helping them rejuvenate or invigorate whether it’s physical, emotional or mental.

After work, they can now relax by watching TV series or movies on Netflix. Or they can have something to look forward to for the weekend – watching the latest movie or going to a concert.

Either way, it’s a chance to have a great time and sort of, push the ‘refresh’ button – something we all need once in a while.

5. Gift certificate

It’s one of the most common gifts you can give if you’re not sure what the provider enjoys or wants. It can be an iTunes gift card, certificates from groceries or bookstores or if you have an extra budget, cards from Victoria’s Secret or vouchers from Amazon.

There are plenty of shops offering this and in all honesty, it’s also something I like to receive. By the way, my personal rule of thumb when giving something to anyone (daycare providers to co-workers and friends) is that I ask myself first how I'd feel if it was me who received it: would I love it?

Would I find it useful and practical? I think that’s the best way to go. If you’re not sure whether they’d like it or not, put yourself in their shoes. Come on, who doesn’t want gift cards from Amazon right?

6. Sweet treats - Christmas Gift

Cost should never be a major factor in choosing the best gift. One of my friends once gave her kids’ teacher homemade oatmeal cookies. And the fact that it's the children who baked it makes it extra special.

The amount of effort is simply priceless. Besides, if the provider doesn’t enjoy munching on dessert, there could be little ones in her home who would love to devour them. Either way, it’s simple yet memorable gesture all the same.

If you’re not big on baking and find it a messy task, there’s always the local baker. You can ask a small box of brownies or a roll of cake. If it’s hot in your place, you can give her a tub of ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are to-die-for).

Just make sure you give it ASAP because obviously, you wouldn’t want to give it to her in its melted form. The fact here is, you can never go wrong with sweet treats. Even a few pieces of cookies wrapped in a charming package is enough.

7. Cash

This is perhaps the most practical thing you can give the providers. They can choose to spend or keep it, and you’re sure they will use it for something they want. But the thing is, not everyone is comfortable giving cash gifts.

Would she be offended if I give her money? How much should I give? Is a day’s worth of pay enough or do I need to go for a week’s? How should I give it? What if there are more than two providers?

There are so many things to consider which might stress you out. But if you can’t choose which one you ought to give and barely have the time to shop, this might be the best option.

It’s Never About The Monetary Value

That’s a good reminder. It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or not, your purpose in giving gifts to the daycare provider is for it to serve as a token of gratitude for all her hard work in taking care of your kid.

It’s not so much as, “I have to give her something” but rather, “I want to give her a little trinket as a thank-you.” So don’t pressure yourself into giving something you can’t afford because it defeats the purpose.

Instead, choose one which you’re comfortable giving and of course, doesn’t break the bank.I hope you enjoyed reading the list, and in the process gave you an idea on what best gift you can get.

If you have anything to add, share in the comments.

Nancy Shaw

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