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What’s The Best Age To Start Day Care?

A few months ago, someone told me to enroll my little boy, who was still 19 months old then, to preschool. Apparently, my friend's 24-month old son was already attending day care. I wasn’t sold on the idea because my husband and I were in complete agreement that maybe it was a bit too early.

But the thing is, when I asked some of my fellow moms as to the best age to start daycare, no one gave the same answer.

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What To Write In A Baby Shower Thank You Card

One of the most memorable occasions in your life as a mother is a baby. A baby shower is considered as one of the rights of passages that expectant mothers usually go through. It has both a practical and an emotional purpose.

Emotionally, it allows an expectant mother to bond with her close friends – usually females, although the shower isn’t strictly a women-only affair – and be able to get the moral support that she needs to go through the life-changing occurrence of childbirth.

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