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When Do Babies Start Dancing And Why It’s Important

I remember the first time I saw my little one dancing. Even when my boy was still a few days old, we often played music not just to lull him to sleep but to soothe and calm him. My husband plays the guitar and is one big music lover.

I wasn’t big on playing Mozart or Beethoven while I was pregnant. I just wanted anything with a feel-good rhythm and melody. So my baby was exposed to all types of songs – pop, old school R&B, mellow and some EDM.

So imagine my surprise when one time, I played a series of music videos and there he was – my tot who can barely stand but swaying rhythmically with his hands up in the air. I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, when do babies start dancing? Is there an exact age?

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Weird Facts On The 5 Most Common Ages (3-21) In Baby Sleep Regression: Should You Worry?

There’s nothing cuter than a soundly sleeping baby – it’s one of my favorite pastimes, to be honest. But on the other side of the coin, there’s nothing worse than your tot having troubles staying in dreamland.

Okay, there could be worse things, but you know what I mean. These sleep-deprived babies are not just cranky and fussy; they might be having feeding troubles too.

More notable for first-time parents, it can be very stressful if the little one refuses to take naps during the day and wakes up every few hours at night. This sleeping nightmare is not permanent, so let's check out the 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 21 month old baby sleep regression.

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When Babies Start Talking Clearly And How To Reinforce

Have you ever wondered when do babies start talking clearly? I’ve always been excited to reach that milestone. Not only because I want to hear my baby say adorable things but I found it vital when asking them how they feel when they’re sick.

Case in point, when they’re incessantly crying, and you have no idea if they have tummy pain or a toothache. For this reason, I taught my little boy the most core body parts like “belly” and “teeth”.

Also, my mum often told me little boys were a bit delayed when it comes to their speech development. Here, we’ll find out if it’s true.

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10 Month Old Grinding Teeth: How To Stop And Intervene?

Just the other day, a friend came by for a play date with our two toddlers. While the little boys were playing, we were having a typical mom chat mostly about our tots too. Visits like these are usually the time when we share problems we encountered or some milestones they have achieved.

And so, she told me about her 10-month-old grinding teeth. I remembered when I was still in nursing school, and we discussed teeth grinding or bruxism.

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How To Fly Hassle-Free With Your Baby And Toddler

Traveling with babies and toddlers can be very challenging but ultimately fun. Besides, not all families are lucky enough to have beaches or tourist spots in their city so if you want to have a break and take some chill pill, you may need to book an airline ticket.

Or like in my case, we were compelled to travel because our little one’s grandparents and cousins wanted to see him. To tell you the truth, it can be a bit of a stressful time, especially for us moms.

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