The Best Laundry Detergent For Babies: My Reviews And Top Picks 2018

Before buying the best laundry detergent for babies, read this post so to help you decide which product to pick.

Some children can be quite sensitive which is why we often need to pick the best laundry detergent for babies because what your family is using could contain harmful chemicals which might cause rashes and irritation.

Take note, though; you may need to change yours too because your clothes will get in contact with the little one’s skin.


1.    Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent

This unscented liquid detergent is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating. It’s also biodegradable and uses only plant-based ingredients.

It’s free of dyes, fragrances and artificial brighteners which make it safe for use in washing clothes for babies with sensitive skin.

Still, the concentrated formula helps combat stubborn spots and stains.


  • Can remove grease even when using cold water
  • Non-toxic and deep cleans even the toughest stain
  • Lets you pre-treat the fabric by pouring it directly, rubbing gently and letting it soak
  • Has a subtle scent – nothing too overpowering
  • Works well even for cloth diapers
  • Baby’s skin won’t break out – ideal for those who get irritations from regular detergents
  • Does its job of fighting stains
  • Environment-friendly and the company doesn’t test on animals
  • Doesn’t leave residues after – clothes look and smell clean
  • Safe enough for newborn’s stuff


  • Doesn’t contain much product – bottles are a bit small; however, it’s concentrated so a small amount can go a long way
  • A little pricey for the size
  • Might need re-washing for clothes stained with poop or pee because it might not take out the odour at first wash


Cleaning out stains well without causing irritation is enough to convince me of its efficiency. However, the fact that it’s good for the environment is a huge plus I didn’t expect.

Sure, it’s smaller than other bottles for the price tag, but it’s well worth it because you don’t need to use much of the product.

2.    Charlie’s Soap Laundry Liquid

This clear and scent-free liquid detergent is free from dyes, synthetic perfumes, phosphates and ultraviolet brighteners.

It cleans thoroughly and even removes any sharp and nasty odour from fabrics including sweat from athletic wear and pee from cloth diapers.

It’s safe for all types of fabrics rinses out completely without leaving residues.


  • Biodegradable and nontoxic
  • Material feels soft and fluffy afterwards
  • No slimy feeling because it’s residue-free
  • Has a measuring cup which makes it easy to dispense the right amount of detergent
  • Smells beautiful and clean (nothing nasty or strong) and you probably wouldn’t need a fabric softener after using this
  • Doesn’t damage delicate fabrics or fade the colour
  • You only need to use a small amount for a huge load, only use the recommended amount – saves you a lot in the process
  • Eliminates odours of mildew and mould
  • Mess-free because of the dispensing cup
  • Won’t cause rashes, itching or any signs of irritation even for infants with sensitive skin
  • Cloth diapers feel clean after wash


  • On the expensive side – might be difficult to use it for the entire family’s clothes but still worth the price


If my little one has sensitive skin, I wouldn’t mind shelling out a few more bucks just to make sure the laundry detergent won’t trigger an allergic reaction.

It’s a worthy investment if you use this for the whole family because you wouldn’t know when your clothes will come in contact with the baby.

3.    Dreft Stage 2: Active Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent

In case you’re wondering, Stage 1 is for newborn babies. This one is for active kids or more specifically, toddlers.

From grass to food stains, it helps remove it completely. It’s also hypoallergenic, and you can use it for washing baby blankets, towels, bibs, hats, sheets and even cloth toys.


  • Can be utilised by the entire family
  • Cleans cloth diapers well
  • Biodegradable
  • Won’t cause irritation even in babies with sensitive skin
  • Has a pleasant, long-lasting scent but it may not be everyone’s cup of tea – mostly smells like soap and baby powder
  • You wouldn’t need to use fabric softeners anymore
  • Washing instruction is easy to understand and follow – Cleans tough spots as long as you stick by the instructions
  • Softens clothes – towel and bed sheet fabrics don’t feel rough
  • You only need a little amount


  • May not remove poop stain – you need to pre-treat or use any spot treatment product
  • Bottle is small
  • Difficult to find in small, local stores
  • Doesn’t indicate if it uses plant-based ingredients and whether it’s safe and friendly for the environment
  • You need to double check because it’s not completely free of fragrances


My only concern is how the company failed to write the ingredients because it may not completely be non-toxic and could contain synthetic perfumes. Other than that, it seems to do the job well, but I would be sceptical especially if my little one is prone to allergies.

4.    Babyganics 3X Baby Laundry Detergent, Fragrance-Free

This non-allergenic detergent is free of sulphate, dioxane and fragrance. It also contains plant-based ingredients, and with triple concentrated formula, it helps clean the fabric and combats even the toughest of stains.

For stains which are difficult to remove, you can spot-treat before throwing it into the washing machine.


  • Cheaper than the other products on this list
  • Fragrance-free – perfect for those who can’t even tolerate a subtle scent on babies’ clothes but everything still comes out smelling fresh and clean
  • Strong enough to take out poop in cloth diapers or other clothes
  • Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals which make it safe for little ones and everyone in the family since it won’t cause irritation or breakouts
  • Will last a long time because you don’t need to use much product for every wash
  • Won’t fade the fabric’s colour even the vibrant and bright ones
  • Clothes don’t feel itchy, and it removes unwanted odours too


  • May not be ideal for hand-washing because of the concentrated formula – there’s a risk of leaving residues
  • There’s no bottle ‘handle’ – it could easily slip from wet fingers
  • Container can leak and spill – not very secure


While it does its job well, I’m a little concerned with the design flaw of the bottle. Sure it isn’t much of a big deal, but when you’re washing clothes, and your hands are wet, this could be a problem, and you might end up spilling the precious contents.

5.    Tide PODS Free and Gentle Laundry Detergent

It’s hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists. It doesn’t contain dyes or perfumes, and while it deep cleans the clothes and removes tough spots and stains, it’s still gentle on the skin.

I know I mentioned that liquid varieties are safer and gentler, but this isn’t your average powder detergent because it’s a pod.

Also, Tide doesn’t leave residues and quickly dissolves in both hot and cold water.


  • Doesn’t contain dyes or synthetic perfumes
  • Cleans well, even for heavily soiled clothes like poop stain
  • No strong scent – fabric comes out smelling fresh and clean
  • Suitable for any fabric even the delicate ones – won’t fade colours too
  • Won’t break out sensitive skin or cause irritations or allergic reactions
  • Convenient to use because you don’t need to measure anything – just throw in the pod in the washing machine
  • No sticky residue afterwards
  • Takes care of stains like mud or grass
  • No strong or overpowering scent


  • Pods can stick into the clothes if you didn’t follow the instructions and guidelines correctly
  • Sometimes, the pods won’t dissolve quickly
  • Not indicated if it’s biodegradable
  • Doesn’t use plant-based ingredients


While it’s gentle on sensitive skin and does an excellent job at cleaning clothes, I’m a huge fan of anything that doesn’t use plant-based ingredients.

The concept behind pods is pretty impressive because it’s convenient for busy mothers, but I’m more concerned with the content of this detergent.

Importance of Baby Detergent

From newborn up to 12 months old, babies are still in the process of developing a protective oily layer on their skin thus making them more vulnerable to chemicals. It’s not just rashes, they might also feel itchy and even develop eczema and atopic dermatitis.

It’s not just what you put on your clothes when washing; it could also be perfume or any residue.

Quick Tips In Choosing The Right Product

  • Liquid variety is often gentler than the powder ones. Especially if your baby can’t walk yet, the chance of getting filthy is rare, so you don’t need strong detergent to clean their clothes.

    Besides, the liquid detergent rinses out more easily compared to other products and therefore, has little possibility of leaving any residues.
  • Look at the ingredients and pick one without synthetic dyes or perfumes. It may not be your habit to check the label before buying, but whenever you choose something for the child, it should become a practice.

    In my opinion, perfume isn’t necessary because seriously, who doesn’t love baby’s smell?

    It’s something I can never get enough of and one that I terribly miss now that my boy is bigger and smells like a preschooler already!
  • Go for a fragrance-free detergent. Again, it’s not advisable to have detergents with strong smells because it’s often associated with harsh and strong chemicals.
  • Tested by paediatricians and dermatologists. Also, I’d always prefer something organic and natural.

    Besides, there’s nothing wrong with seeing plant-based ingredients written on the label.
  • Rinse them well. Because no matter how gentle your detergent is, residues can still be a cause of irritation.

    You don’t have to go overboard and use too much of the product.

In a nutshell, while you want a detergent that’s gentle for the baby, it should also work well in removing stains, spots and taking care of the fabric. Another thing, there’s always the option of spot-treating as soon as possible.

If there’s some food stain on the bib, pre-treat before throwing it in your laundry basket.

Remember when I mentioned about changing the whole family’s laundry detergent? Well, it’s true.

It becomes almost pointless to use the detergent on the baby’s clothes only. It's because his or her skin regularly touches your clothing whenever you cuddle or carry them.

What if the baby isn’t too sensitive?

You might wonder if your child CAN use the family’s detergent. Contrary to what others think, it’s possible as long as they don’t develop any allergic reaction.

So, how do you test for it? Try washing one piece of a garment using regular detergent.

After letting them use it, observe for any undesirable reactions like itching, redness or any signs of irritation. If there’s none, then that’s your cue.

Washing Baby’s Clothes

  1. Wash everything before the first use. It doesn’t matter if it’s a used item from older brothers or sisters.

    It is to ensure that it’s clean and safe for the baby to wear. You should know that companies add chemicals to the clothes to make them look extra appealing and attractive to buyers.

    You’d want to remove them before it touches the child’s skin.
  2. Follow the care tag attached to the fabric. You may not find it that big of a deal whether the manufacturer says it needs to be washed in warm or cold water but think of it as a precaution to extend its life.
  3. An additional step to avoid the clothes from causing itchiness is to add a gentle fabric softener. However, it’s crucial to determine whether it contains harmful perfumes and other chemicals which might defeat the purpose of putting some on the garments.
  4. If you have more time doing laundry, you can also double-rinse. Although the liquid detergent rarely leaves any residue, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    Sometimes, I even do a third rinse just to make sure I got everything cleaned especially for materials or fabrics which feel like there’s still plenty of detergents left on them.
  5. I know this is quite common knowledge but just in case, never even wash or clean the cloth diapers (if your baby is using them) along with the other clothes.

    It can save time, sure, but it’s dirty and soiled – things which you wouldn’t want anywhere near garments for babies with sensitive skin.


The best product for me in this list is the Charlie’s Soap Laundry Liquid. It’s proven and tested by mothers that it works and doesn’t cause irritation or any undesirable allergic reaction from babies.

I also like how it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and how it’s biodegradable and nontoxic – I couldn’t say the same for other detergents.

The downside, which is the price, is understandable because the company obviously did not skimp on the ingredients – only the gentlest and safest for your baby.

And that to me, makes the extra bucks worth it.

So, which are you planning to buy?

Nancy Shaw

Hi. My name is Nancy. I am a nurse by profession and a writer by passion and ever since I became a mother, I’ve become very active in sharing useful and important information about basically anything under the sun and a full-time mother to a 21-month old boy. Read more about me here.

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