Baby Gear

If you want to understand the importance of baby gear and factors to consider, read this article for more information.

For first-time parents, it’s confusing to shop for any baby gear. There are numerous choices, and the marketing gimmicks make it seem like one brand is superior to others when in fact, some of its features aren’t exactly necessary.

And those advertisements aren’t helping.

Whether it’s a crib or stroller, there’s a wide array of options that will confuse anyone. But at the end of the day, personal experience varies.

What works for you may not work for others and vice versa.

So perhaps our ultimate questions here are the following: which ones do I need and what should I buy?

What’s a baby gear?

In a nutshell, these are items your baby uses from newborn to toddlerhood stage, sometimes even preschool.

Mostly, it makes your life more convenient while keeping your child comfortable and safe.

What are the things to consider?

  1. Price: This is a major factor for me although I don’t skimp on necessities. You see, the most expensive product isn’t always the best.

    Keep in mind that one gear shouldn’t compromise your other expenses. For example, if you regularly bring the baby during errands but don’t have the budget for a stroller, you might want to settle for a wrap or any other carrier.

    Then again, don’t quickly fall for the low prices of second-hand items. These could compromise safety, and you wouldn’t know if the company recalled them.
  2. Prioritise: You have to list down which one should come first. Let’s say you’re shopping before giving birth; you’ll want to delay buying high chairs because the little one won’t use it until six months.

    If you have no idea what your baby needs during the first few months of his/her life, you can do your research and read forums.

    This way, you can get the opinions and experiences of other mums just like you.
  3. Try borrowing: I know this isn’t a plausible idea to some but trust me when I tell you, there’s always the possibility of your baby crying on it whether it’s a bouncy seat or ring slings.

    Here’s my personal experience: I bought a rocker because everyone’s raving about it and telling me how necessary it was when I want to do chores at home.

    The moment I put my little one on it, he was squirming to get out of the gear. We used it a few more times to no avail.

    So to avoid wasting your money, see if it’s possible to borrow from a friend first.

Commonly Used Baby Gears


Best Baby Swings For Small Spaces

Baby Swings For Small Spaces

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean your child can’t enjoy and reap the benefits of swings. There are products which take up a little area and will certainly suit your needs.

Best Backyard Swing Sets

Backyard Swings

When your baby needs some sun, and you want them to start appreciating the outdoors too, you can opt for backyard swings which will guarantee hours of fun for both of you.​

Baby Carrier

What Are The Top 5 Best Baby Carrier For Dad?

For Dad

There are carriers especially made for dads – those that fit snugly into broader frames and also with minimalistic or neutral-colored patterns and designs.

That makes it comfortable and easier for them to carry the baby.

best carrier for plus size mom mother parents

For Plus Size Mom

Plus-size mums should go for a carrier that fits their curves and also one with good support for the back and shoulders. It is to avoid any straining or back pain.

Carriers aren’t equal. Some are flexible enough for use by both parents no matter what their body type is. Others, however, have more specific functions such as those for multiples or parents who go hiking.

How To Clean Ergo Baby Carrier

How To Clean Ergo Baby Carrier

Because it needs regular cleaning (the fabric is always in contact with your baby’s skin), babywearing parents should know how to properly clean the carriers to remove any soil and dirt and also bacteria.


Best Double Strollers For Infant And Toddler

Best Double Strollers For Infant And Toddler

For mums of multiple kids like twins, it’s best to invest in a high quality and durable double stroller. Whether it’s strolling at the mall or park, it won’t be so challenging to bring them along to your errands.

Best Umbrella Stroller For Travel

Best Umbrella Strollers For Travel

Bringing strollers to your travels makes it easier and more convenient for you and the baby as long as you pick the right ones – lightweight and easy to store.

Choosing The Best Tandem Strollers For Infant And Toddler

Best Tandem Strollers

Tandem strollers are preferable if you want something that fits comfortably into doorways. It has its perks over the double type, but you also have to check its manoeuvrability.

There are several benefits to a tandem stroller, and it’s important you consider why it could be perfect for your kids. Besides, there’s more to it than easy navigation in any crowded place.

Car Seat

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

How To Keep Baby Cool In Car Seat

For long travels especially during summer or any humid weather, it’s essential to keep the baby cool in the car seat with something as simple as offering cold drinks or making them wear loose clothing.

Best Convertible Car Seat For Small Cars

Best Convertible Car Seat For Small Cars

Even those with tiny and compact cars can purchase good quality and durable car seats to ensure their child’s safety and give them the peace of mind when travelling.

Diaper Bag

Best Overnight Diapers For Heavy Wetters

Best Overnight Diapers For Heavy Wetters

If your child is a heavy wetter, it can be sometimes difficult to find the diaper that could hold the pee overnight and not soak the bed sheets in the morning. Luckily, there are products which do just that.

Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers

Best Diaper Pail For Cloth Diapers

Diaper pails are more than just about the aesthetic. The good ones can help minimise or eradicate any nasty or stinky smell. Some also make it easy to store soiled nappies.

Best Diaper Bags for Twins

Best Diaper Bags for Twins

Mums of twin babies have to carry two of everything which is why they need to buy a diaper bag that can accommodate all those items and even leave enough space for small stuff like cellphone and keys.

I hope everything here will make baby gear shopping less confusing for you.